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  1. Congrats on hitting the goal. Maybe a sword with a obsidian blade? Or a axe with a obsidian blade? Or how about some obsidian glasses? Thin shards of obsidian polished into eye glasses lenses? Lore wise it could be said that their used to observe sunspots and help predict the weather (like the Farmers Almanac). Improves resolve and intellect to a great degree but lowers perception.
  2. It was due to trying to make the backer total $3333.33 with average total of being $66.666~. But paypal fees and stuff made it not true.
  3. Just kicked out another $10. Bringing my total to $108.92. That's about as far as I can go. Best of luck from here out.
  4. Doesn't Paypal have prepaid cards? If not you could always get a prepaid credit card with a amount on it, and tie that to a new Paypal account.
  5. Thank you a lot for your contributions! You have made one mistake though You didn't take into account the PayPal transaction fee. So no, we are not at $3333 We are at $3331.71 So $1.62? What would be the right amount to cover the transaction fee to make it all 3's.
  6. Just donated $33.79 to bring our total to $3333.33. Which means we need to donate around $59.52 each day to make this happen. Or everyone who has thus donated giving a extra $33.34 My total donated: $98.92 Also just realized this gives us a average backer amount of $66.6666~
  7. Perhaps the people who funded $50 or more will get recognized. If the number of $50 backers is less than 50 then whatever space leftover will be picked at random from a pool of people who bid under $50. $50 secures your recognition. If you bid under that $50 and their is space available you might still get on the ship. Maybe the top five backers get to design a NPC. The ones below that get on the loot list ($50 and more). The ones under the $50 are chosen at random to be on the loot list if space is available. I mean yeah, it would suck if you bid your max of say $40 and someone bid $2 and got on the loot list; but that's just the nature of that raffle. Or if there is still space available you start working backwards down the pay list. So if you bid $40 you are in a better position than someone who bid $10. Anyway, just kicked in another $45.04. Which gives me $65.13 donated. I'll probably kick out $34.87 near the end to give me a even $100 donated.
  8. Well if it has to be $100 to get backer recognition I'd do it. Maybe have the credits be like: Obsidian Forums Black Isle Bastards "list of people who backed $100 or more" "And all the rest of the crew." Unrelated post.
  9. True, 5000cp would be a lot of money to be found in game. Unless some of it has already been stolen/used/lost by other crew members. Also given the 'open world' nature of the game someone could just go to this island and pick up a ton of cash easy at the start. Maybe have the in game cash reward capped at like 250cp. Then have the rest found at the very end of the game making it somewhat useless? Or maybe small caches of money around the world map that would equal the 5k? Although that would be a bit much for the developers. Or maybe finding out that much of it was scattered among the reefs in a wreck.
  10. Just remembered this and kicked out $20.09. I'll be sure to kick out some more money when I get paid. I really like the whole loot list thing for backer recognition. Outside of someone making a PoE name generator that follows naming rules in the game this is probably the best bet to not break immersion. Scrappy dressed Meadow Folk male, two bottles of oil, jar of ashes, sack of rat figurines. (weirdo)
  11. Actually, a Fampyr Eder coming back for revenge on the player could be rather cool! Would provide an 'experience' for those who killed him. Or if they fed him to the blood pool they could get Eder's body possessed by all the souls fed to the blood pool coming after them. Edér's god brings him back as a way of getting back at you. If you killed him in malice he would be vengeful. If you killed him due to a bad battle he would be mournful. If you solved his quest but he died he would be reactive on that.
  12. Person: What? That priest-monk over there? I wouldn't worry about him he's a paci-*gets punched in the face*
  13. No problem, thank you for the thought of slaver rangers. Now we just need a proper whipping/caning idle animation for them and it'll be a true work of art. A monk ranger with an aumau pet in studded leather who takes drugs and get strong from pain.. Im seeing a pattern here... Bring out the Gimp But the Gimp's sleeping.
  14. Alright going for monk class names. giving a monk list. ​ Monk + Barbarian = Zealot Monk + Chanter = Harmonizer Monk + Cipher = Channeler Monk + Druid = Ascetic Monk + Fighter = Debater Monk + Paladin = Evangelist Monk + Priest = Friar Monk + Ranger = Hermit Monk + Rogue = Cultist Monk + Wizard = Avatar/Conduit
  15. I really liked Sagani. I enjoyed her quest the most, and learning about her background. Eder after her for being a total bro, and Durance after him for what you learn about him in his bedside chats.
  16. Yeah, running into the same issue as well. Not sure if you need to progress farther in the mainquest, or if its a bug.
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