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  1. You know, I find it sort of hurtful that people throw this idea under the bus and don't give two ****s how it turns out. That's mean, now I know not everybody is looking forward to this game and may not even like SP, but that doesn't give you the right to insult it. This is a game I am really looking forward to because I'm a huge fan of both RPGs and SP. You don't see me going about calling today's RPGs cliche garbage that's has been done so many times over and over it's pathetic and that the game writers should try for five seconds to think of something original and out of this world, no I don't do that, because they really aren't that bad and most of the stories are really cool. All I'm saying is even if you don't like SP, respect the role-playing aspect of the game, don't shoot down fans of the game.
  2. I think Cartman will get -Infinity -1 with you if you team up with Kyle as your partner. Or you choose to be ginger, Jew and from Jersey, yeah you'll get it!
  3. LOL that would be funny. I'm sure Lu Kim will be in there somewhere, they were already talking about a quest that had to do with chicken in it! We'll definitely be getting fun quest to do from people like Mr. Mackey, Jimbo and Ned, Randy and tons of other favorite characters, not to mention Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric. Also it looks like the story is centered around aliens, or maybe that's one scene. Along with that theirs some Christmas town stuff, I wouldn't put it past them to add in places like North Park, Greeley, Adams County and Mt. Evenston. This game could have a really big world map, kind of like the Legend Zelda a Link to the Past games, which even if they seem small to some you revisit a place and find a whole new area in it, or kind of like FF7. I don't mention recent games because I'm not a huge fan of today's side-scrollering RPGs. I think this game has huge momentum now, after all the potential it had to begin with. I don't believe their is a better way to capture the spirit of South Park other than an RPG, you can't have as much humor in other games. I mean games like Skyrim get one joke and it goes super viral, "God I hate that joke though.". My point here is that, I've been hearing some haters think you can't be funny with a game and a show like SP. There's only a couple of things bothering me right now, one, I have to wait till 2013 to play the game, why, because it comes out DECEMBER 31 2012, yeah, second half of 2012 my ass, but whatevers. Secondly, and sadly, I'm like crack for details on this game, it's making me sick ! All I'm saying is, GIVE ME SOME INFO so I can nomnomnom on it. I already have to wait till March for Season 16 of SP to come out. Between Work, School, Sleep and life in general, South Park is all I got. A few more screenshot with some early HUDs would suffice, another interview would be stellar, and of course, a trailer would be like the Christmas present I never got! Anyway, to Obsidian, keep up the good work! Happy new year to everyone in the forum, forgot to do that a while back!
  4. These don't look new, same ones from magazine. These are in JPEG format, not just scans of the magazine, so we get a better look at the detail of the game. Thanks for the post funcroc!
  5. OMG! I just thought of something, this game better be uncensored, I know it's rated M but it better not censor the F word cause it "adds to the feeling of the show". I just hope for their sake it keeps to that, kids dying and not uncensored is a big turnoff for me. Can anyone check on this?
  6. I'm not a huge fan of hand-held gaming, I want a ps3 console release, with a disc. Two reasons, one, I only own a Ps3, two, I don't have alot of memory left. But they do release smaller versions of games, like LBP. But I highly doubt they'ed bother for this game, I think it'll be big, but not that big.
  7. So is this a team of 60 ppl, and if so is that a good size for this scale of an RPG, it seems so to me. Not an expert here on production.
  8. The last 3, Jakovasaurs, NAMBLA and Bikers probably won't be in the game, well... maybe. It would be interesting, but I just want to fight many, many different enemies.
  9. I suppose we don't need a trailer yet, if it's going to look the same as South Park episodes I get the idea pretty well
  10. Im pretty sure SP runs at 24 or something, or at least the walk-cycle does, 60 fps wouldn't look like South Park, that would be a real drawback for me.
  11. Too many good episodes, my favorites are episodes like 'Good Times with Weapons' and some newer ones like 'You're Getting Old' Nothing spells South Park like unexpected climaxes, the supernatural, satire, exaggerations, stereotypes, and Kenny dying. God I love that show!
  12. I think the combat style shouldn't be overly simple, they said they were aiming it toward South Park fans and serious RPG fans. Too many times I find that something I like is turned into a game, and the controls make it so a 6 year old could play, with basic attacks and simple magic attacks. It's pretty much attack, magic, item, ect. for options. I'm just hoping with this game, the battle controls are developed for strategical fighting rather than just strength based tactics. I'm looking at this game to be an immense South Park experience but also a complete RPG experience. Must say, expectations are high for me and my friends!
  13. I'm super excited about this game, I'm kind of weird about SP, cause I've let this show grow on me. I always wanted to wake up one day and BOOM, be in a land of South Park. The previous SP games were not great to say the least, but now I have new hope thanks to this game. I can only wish the developers the best here, so from me to you, good luck... and don't F**k it up.... just kidding, but seriously! I'm super serial! *South Park Reference* One thing I have to ask people, I've listened to the interviews and thought I heard something about the combat style. Where when you attack with you or your partner, in certain instances the camera angle will change. I like turn-based FF-Style combat, but I don't like seeing my character just sit there the entire time, seeing the battle from the same angle for the ENTIRE battle. In FF7 I remember you could change battle stance, attack/defense, front/back, and when summoning you'd get a close up of Cloud, Tifa, ect. I really liked that, was wondering if anyone heard things like that are in the game?
  14. I just read through this entire 20-something paged forum thread, and I must say, good arguments. The one thing that shows up most, or at least gets the most rage, is the idea or a South Park game being a sellout, money-grabbing, selfish decision. People here often overlook that the licensers [Matt and Trey] came to Obsidian, and they pitched the idea. Now that would look like a sellout Jew of a person to go and do that. But surely Matt and Trey would need more money after producing a big time successful Broadway musical and a great 15th Season of an amazing show, yeah, I guess they aren't rich enough and are sucking the last of their talent out. And as far as some of you are concerned Obsidian must be doing the same. I say nay, M&T aren't interested in money, so that only leaves one other option, they want to make a great game. Obsidian isn't losing its reputation by doing this, if anything it's amplifying it, growing and expanding the reach for gamers and fans everywhere. Why are so many people making this out to be such a gloomy move by both parties? I'm a huge fan of South Park and I've played Obsidian's games before, so I trust in SP to make Obs to look good and vice versa. I just hope people can give this game a chance before shouting it down. There! That's just my 2 cents.
  15. I heard in the interview here, that they started pitching/developing the game when things with New Vegas were wrapping up. So that must mean the end of 2010, meaning they've been working on it since then. Now I truly believe it's completely possible to have the game out by late 2012, hopefully by Christmas ans it still be a great game. *Fun Fact* Some RPGs take 5-10 years to be produced, some turn out great, some not so much. Some take a couple years and turn out great. I know many people think the game won't make that deadline or if it does it won't be good, I disagree completely. What do you guys think?
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