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  1. I'm not sure exactly, as I never had this problem, but perhaps there are other missions you must complete in the area first. There are several large, rock platforms that will move around when you hit the appropriate "switches," which are glowing rocks in the vicinity. Others, if I recall, you just stand on and hit the action button.
  2. Oof. Yeah man, I did the exact same thing as you, and I was a little bit furious when I found out that you have to start all over. I can't upload a save, but I can console you with this: The game is actually pretty quick to play through again, and the silver lining to the situation is that the bosses you fight along the way will drop essences. I'd also recommend transmuting any gear you find with stats for retribution, vampire, doom, stagger, or warding. Do that, and by the time you reach endgame, you'll have a pretty hefty stash of essences to toss on your gear.
  3. Thanks. I had really high hopes for this game (too high, perhaps), and in the end, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The expansion in particular was noteworthy, once I played through the ENTIRE game for the third time because I didn't retain my "Endgame X" save (don't get me started on that design decision). I just can't shake the feeling that there were some major missed opportunities, and if Obsidian gets another go at this, I hope they'll implement a little more variety, allow for customization, and increase the length of the adventure.
  4. TLDR version: This game is an enjoyable experience in its own right, but somewhat disappoints because it had the potential to be so much more, but apparently not the budget or development time to fully realize those ambitions. Actually, despite my bitter disapproval of very specific elements of the game (no 2011 game should "lock you out" of 95% of the game once you pass a certain point), there is actually much to appreciate about DS3. I think many people, myself included, were most disappointed because there are many things that are done very well, but it feels like they were not deve
  5. I just noticed it's not only my main, but also my second player character, whose alternate weapons are not adding any stats. My second player is also highly enchanted.
  6. Hey, I noticed a major problem as of late, and I'm wondering if there's a workaround. I've been heavily farming essences and enchanting my gear to an absurd degree, and I noticed something as of late. My statistics no longer add up as they should. They'll add up properly if I only equip, say, 4 of 6 pieces of gear, but if I equip it all, it discounts BOTH of my dual wield weapons on Katarina, essentially making it like I'm using nothing. I've tested it on mobs, and indeed, the damage I do is being calculated like it ignores my shotgun/pistol. I've developed a theory that because I've e
  7. I would like to know the status of this as well. Regrettably, I have to make this my first post on these forums. DS3, despite many less-than-stellar qualities, was a game that I enjoyed playing with my fiancee, and we invested quite a lot of time into it. We leveled our characters to 30, maxxed all of their stats, and hunted religiously until we obtained our optimal gear set-up. Yet for some unknown reason, the devs thought it was a good idea to lock the player out of the rest of the game once they reached the final zone before the last boss. This is not only an outdated design decision (P
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