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  1. Lucas is really the most fun hero hands down, only fights you cant completely kick butt is bosses with retarded 500 dps auras, even then I just used the fire chick and had her sit back and tick them down. I played through as him and even with a bunch of mistakes speccing I still just walked over the whole game on normal difficulty, most attempts any fight took me was the swamp monster and it took me 5 tries before i just cheated and moved on. Oh and my character only feinted 5 times at most after that.
  2. I was so distraught when I took my friends copy of Dungeon Siege 3 for a spin the day I fully intended to pick it up myself. As a long time Obsidian fan, I was flabbergasted to find the game unplayable. Now with the patch I can finally play your new amazing game with only a few concerns (mainly poor camera angling). I just want to say thank you for listening to your customers and actually releasing a patch that brings your game up (mostly) to the common standard of functionality. I will be looking forwards to any additional content and / or expansions. Thanks again!
  3. I don't care what problems they ran into once again this company is doing so bad business by lying to their customers and continuing to fail to make this game playable, so far me and a group of people here www.blogspot.com/65032856 have returned a total of 185 copies of the game and climbing, come join us force Obsidian into making their games playable by putting their full development team back on this game, instead of the 1-2 people they have supporting it now.
  4. The sad thing is to make this game viable they will have to do months of engine / software tweaking, and that's with a full development staff, their maintenance staff will simply not be able to make this game playable, and so begins the deterioration of a once viable company. Ill stick to D3, since Blizzard seems to at least be semi competent, which is more than any of you can claim.
  5. Your English is about as poor as your comprehension and logic skills. Hes posting here because just like me he was hoping this game would be in any way enjoyable, and unlike me he didn't play a friends copy before buying this terrible game (friend also returned). I loved DS 1 and 2 and I've loved many many other games made by Obsidian, but this in inexcusable and so poorly developed it really feels like a early beta or alpha instead of a release. This game needs months of development to be in any way viable, and obsidian will probably announce a major financial decay this year due to this grie
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