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  1. So no matter how good or bad it is or how much the playing experience represents value for money (or not as the case may be) the amount of money it cost to make it justifies the price tag? Have I missed something or is it Clown Night on the Obsidian forums?
  2. Absolutely ridiculous comment. You're saying people know what a fair price for the game is before they've played it? lolz. I don't think DS3 is a full price game it feels like an expansion to me and lasts about as long. It's a quick blast, not a bad one, but nothing you'd ever get lost in. I can think of tons of RPG's with more depth, better design and gameplay with great stories that lasted ten times longer. DS3 is RPGlite.
  3. lol. You're really looking forward to a game that isn't totally borked then? Are you also looking forward to his plans to release the proper tutorial as DLC? You must be SO excited at all this cool stuff.
  4. Okay sorry my mistake it wasn't directly related to that. From Joystiq: "Obsidian plans to release an update that will improve the traditional PC controls. According to Chapman, better PC controls for the game is "one thing I would have liked to have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now." Chapman also hinted that Obsidian would like to have made "a more fleshed out tutorial system" and "more unique armor variants" for the game's four playable characters. But those will have to wait for future versions of the game: "It's always good sequel or DLC material," he sa
  5. Actually, they did. I can't remember where I read it. I think it was related to the patch notes saying they were working on fixing the horrible PC controls. Someone from Obsidian definitely said that kind of thing would be good to release as DLC. I'll see if I can find it.
  6. Obsidian should take a leaf out of Bethesda's book imo. If you're going to treat PC gamers with absolute contempt and give them a pile of junk ported from console (Oblivion) at least give them the tools to fix it for themselves. It wouldn't take more than a couple of months for modders to create the PC version of DS3 that Obsidian couldn't be bothered to do. I suppose that might pose a problem for the marketing genius at Obsidian who was recently quoted as saying these kind of fixes would be good to release as DLC (I still can't believe he said that) so it will probably never happen.
  7. Oh really? I hope you don't make a habit of stereotyping and judging people. Don't be silly, I judge nobody. I hate everyone equally.
  8. I don't pvp I'm not tough enough. You can always tell a pvper, I mean just listen to the guy who started this thread. He's just so damned tough. pvpers always talk like that on the internet. They're just so dangerous. Just wow. I'm glad I'm not going to have to fight that guy in a computer game I think I'd just have to run away all kind of scared and stuff.
  9. I'd quite like to see some free DLC with a lot of content that brings the game up to a full game. This game feels like they released the expansion pack instead of the full game by mistake.
  10. I played the first two games and quite liked them. No way should this game be reviewed or judged as anything other than a DS game that's how it's marketed and that's the tool they used to sucker people into buying it. Having said that, if it was a GOOD game in its own right I really wouldn't care. It would be foolish to dislike a game just because of what it isn't instead of what it is. 7 hours for a single player RPG is absolutely pathetic no matter how you look at it and especially one with a camera that does its level best to hinder you every single step of the way. People who applaud g
  11. It's called Dungeon Siege 3 and it should be reviewed as a NON-DS game? Seriously just LOLOLOL to that. I'm delighted you find the SP so outstanding. To me it had the camera straight from Satan's bottom, a DIRE loot system and it was over before I knew it. 7 hours for a full-priced game? lofl.
  12. What have you seen of Skyrim to make you think that way? I've only seen a few screens though haven't looked around too much. It surely can't possibly be any more dumbed down than Oblivion? You'd have to have a game that literally plays itself to achieve that.
  13. I agree DS3 is RPG for babies but so is just about any RPG these days and the awful port from console to PC is nothing short of a disgrace but you are wrong about early PC gaming. There were better RPG's on the AMIGA and SNES than there ever were for PC for a very long time. It took years before ANY game was halfway decent on PC it was a laughing stock as a games machine for years and years. Gaming in general has become hopelessly dumbed down on all platforms not just PC. Publishers make games on consoles first instead of PC now because they know the market wants something quick, dumb and easy
  14. I've really liked some Obsidian games but to do such a shoddy port of a console game is pretty much inexcusable in my opinion. I've spent half the day just trying to play the damned thing on PC, finally giving up completely on the PC control system and having to use an emulator to get a gamepad to work and even then the camera system is utterly awful and the perspective is skewed. I'm astonished anyone would applaud them for such abysmal work. 'Sold out' doesn't even begin to cover it.
  15. Hi all. I can't play this game using mouse and keyboard the controls are abysmal. I've plugged in my Saitek gamepad which works with other games but on the main menu I go into options, choose gamepad support, click apply and come out but the game doesn't save it. I go back into options and gamepad support is unticked again. There is nowhere else in the game to choose gamepad support and the ini file says control = gamepad. I tried the 360 emulator mentioned elsewhere on this forum but that doesn't work either because the game simply won't let me choose gamepad support. Any ideas? Help appr
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