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  1. Did they fix the co-op camera? That's literally the make-or-break issue for me with regards to a purchase. My friend and I bought this game to co-op and found it unplayable, and if that hasn't changed there's no point to purchasing the DLC.
  2. Keymapping is a nice touch for PC players, but the biggest issue by far for me and my friend is the multiplayer camera. We both pre-ordered, played for one evening after it came out, and have put it on hold completely because the MP is frankly unplayable. I understand this might be a larger, more difficult issue to fix than keymapping and movement, but could one of you fine folks please let us know if you are at least working on it? Cheers:)
  3. I keep lurking in this thread, hoping that a mod will bring us a promise to fix co-op camera issues heh. It's seriously the only thing that my friend and I cannot stand about the game. Everything else is amazing, but a shared, tight, tethered camera with angles from nearly directly above is wretched. Please fix this before I lose my co-op buddy! Even just being able to zoom further out would be a step in the right direction. Separate screens would be soooo much better. I registered just to throw my support behind the vocal demand for a better camera!
  4. My friend and I are really enjoying playing co-op on hardcore, but the camera is really a pain in the ass. I am playing Lucas and he is playing Katarina, so we fight at completely different ranges. Inevitably the fights end up with me humping the forward edge of the screen while he is plastered against the back picking away at targets neither of us can see. Please, please unlink non-local camera views, or at the very least give us the ability to zoom much further out or at a shallower angle so we can see what is ahead of us and engage it. The shared, tethered camera is all that is keeping
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