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  1. http://www.destructoid.com/review-dungeon-...ii-203895.phtml This review pretty much sums up how I feel about the game. I really like the play-style and combat style. I don't even mind the ultra-simplified skill trees and character progression. BUT "With better co-op, this could have been a truly great experience, but it's still highly enjoyable, and you can't demand much more than that." Hell I'd even quit complaining if you would just eliminate shared screen. I could even understand if you made it so people couldn't go further than a certain distance from eachother so peop
  2. Glad I'm not alone on the camera thing. I can even forgive not being able to bring our own characters into multi-player because hey its still fun to play with other people. But I feel like I'm fighting the camera more than anything else. We have our own televisions/monitors, exactly what is the point of making us share a screen?
  3. All right then, What is the incentive to player multi-player RATHER than single player. Unless you have dedicated friends to always play with then you're going to be playing a new character every time that is built to somebody else's desired play-style. Sure its still fun to play the game, but why settle for a less fun play model? If you polled everyone who was to buy the game I'm sure the number of people who DONT want to be able to bring their own character into the multiplayer games would be less than 1%.
  4. The camera is absolutely terrible on Xbox360 in Multiplayer. I gave up and have just been playing single-player. I really like the game, but the multi-player is really broken for me. I've only had 1 person join my game and it was bad, I don't even want to imagine what its like with 2 or 3 more. No other game of this type makes you share a screen. To make this choice seems to be a conscious choice to make the game obviously inferior to other multi-player games.
  5. Exactly what incentive is there to play a multi-player game with a random person off x-box live when our characters/game receive no benefit from this. You may as well have just erased the multi-player aspect of it. Playing someone else's game is pointless, and then you gotta share a tiny zoomed in camera. What a joke. Did you even beta test this? Even in part 1 and 2 we didn't have to share screens. How in your 3rd sequel did you mange to make multi-player worse?
  6. I've found that its incredibly hard to play areas with tight spaces on Xbox 360 as the camera picks the worse possible zoomed in angle and both me and my friends get killed by projectiles from Mobs we can't see because we are too busy fighting the lvl 100 Epic Terrible Camera.
  7. This shared camera is absolutely unplayable. Please patch this, or at the very least zoom the camera way out so I can actually see what I'm trying to shoot. As it is right now I just get killed by projectiles from off camera. This is ridiculous.
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