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  1. I'm a console fanboy? http://steamcommunity.com/id/unrealwarfare You was saying? I play on "all" platforms without bias, thanks. It was in response to your comment of PC gaming being unreliable as always. You posted nothing to back it up, so of course my first impression is going to be "fanboy" which you still can be one and play on all platforms. Besides any real letdown from a game is not the PC performance it's the developer's lack of desire to push the game to it's full potential on a PC. I got this machine in October of 2009 and I haven't bought a game yet that has been able to push it's limits. I will admit I will need a new video card soon but that is my personal desire to have a Radeon instead of NVidia in my machine.
  2. Understand but they are different games with different stories and diferent main characters. I know because I used to be nuts about the series before Call of Duty came along and showed how a military shooter should be done. I'm just nitpicking 'I remember when MoH Allied Assault came out for all platforms. I agree with that, EA missed the mark with what they could have done with the MoH franchise. The new one was a great single player campaign but I guess the MP was broke.
  3. Allied Assault only came out for PC and was the third game in the series. Plain old MoH and Underground were the originals. It was Frontline on the XBox but I watched my buddy play through the whole thing and the levels it had were near identical to the ones that were in Allied Assault, but it lacked significant ones in the story. The XBox opened with the DDay landing where in the PC one it was third mission in, the XBox also did not include the gas mask level. Just making a point that there are pros and cons to both console and pc gaming and there is a huge market for both if the developers take the time that is needed to for platforms, there is marketing and liscensing fee issues behind it as well.
  4. Welcome to PC gaming. Unreliable since, like, forever. Ah console fanboy to the end. Every system has flaws and let downs. Historically though PC Games have been able to have more level sthan their console counterparts, in addition to customizing in addition the ability to make your system faster and capable of playing games for years to come. I play both console and PC Games as do a lot of people but I have always found more specific and individual control can and should be found in PC games, after all it is a "personal computer". I remember when MoH Allied Assault came out for all platforms, the PC version was MUCH longer than the console.
  5. Ya that is pretty annoying, gonna try to make due but it got on my nerves the first few times I started to pan around. Any Devs come on and say anything about it?
  6. I think the Key binding issue is a big thumb to the PC players. Yes a patch is coming out but it should have been done that way from the beginning. People are saying to use a game controller.....haven't used one in ages for my PC and I do use a game pad as a companion to my mouse but even it needs mapping. Controls and gameplay should be intuitive. The way it is setup now I have to use my game pad, mouse AND keyboard to get all the elements. Not too happy with the game and those that are happy with a SOLID 6 or 7 game after paying $50 are just making themselves feel better about spending the money. I am taking it back tomorrow to hopefully get store credit, I just find it annoying that they take an established game series and try to "reboot it" because that is the thing to do. I get it fine but address everything that is need for both console AND PC, otherwise it seems rushed and you just expected the other community (PC Gamers) to settle for it but then announce patches when all the backlash comes out. Seeing a lot of "nub" users in the forums over these types of problems. But for those of you that are fine with it, enjoy the game utlimately it's your money and you are the one that has to be happy with it.
  7. For fifty bucks it should only take me 10min to get used to it. I can go back to playing ME3 after not playing it since Kasumi DLC and it takes me 5min to relearn and remap after I have been playing other new releases. I am just not that satisfied with it, the controls and game play should be intuitive than this.
  8. A lot of PC Gamers abandoned game controllers a long time ago. We picked up on the game pads that secondary to the mouse but they still REQUIRE key binding ability.
  9. OK So I assume not everyone can use all types of armor? I am playing Lucas and cannot equip a helmet or a breast plate that I have picked up!?
  10. I know it has been posted before, but the link that came with the game is broke. Where can we find the manual, don't need any replies about the "help" option either. I figure we all paid for the game so we should be able to download the manual like the insert says.
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