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  1. Absolutely not... As detailed in the thread HERE, there are several others who have experienced the same thing--including myself. The problem hasn't seemed to be addressed, other than: ...which doesn't necessarily help. Yes... General sound during the game (music, sound effects, etc.) seem to be just fine. However, during dialogue choice scenes, there is a lot of stuttering and general popping and even some slight repeating. That's your problem. Jesus Christ people, shell out some money for a decent sound card. I recommend the Asus Xonar series. Otherwise, keep the soundcard drivers up to date, also install the newest Motherboard Chipset drivers. Try not to make assumptions that those of us who have built-in Realtek or Cirrus audio devices don't have the money to "shell out" for different cards. This may not be the case at all. I'll give you 2 examples right offhand: 1. The person is on a laptop, and therefore cannot change their soundcard without some serious hardware knowledge--not to mention voiding their warrantee or their support plan 2. The person bought a MacBook Pro and is running a dual boot drive--one with OS X for professional applications, and one for Windows 7 64-bit for gaming. On these laptops, we are provided with--you guessed it--a "built-in" audio card from Cirrus. That last scenario is mine. Also--and I don't think this is any secret to the PC community--anyone who buys a Mac probably paid twice as much as you did for your PC--for the same specifications. Would I rather have a PC? Sure. But, I was required by my college to get a Mac to run programs associated with my degree, and this is what I'm stuck with. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! The "1" setting seemed to help me out a tiny bit, but it didn't solve the problem. It doesn't stutter as much, but it caused all the audio to be mis-matched, and sometimes the audio stops a while to wait for the character's mouth to catch up to what's already been said. MY FIX: Now, at first, I thought I had a Realtek built-in device. Turns out it's a Cirrus CS4206A (75) built-in device. Naturally, I wanted to make sure I had not messed up something with the drivers. So, I updated them just to make sure. Game sounds still stuttered. I wanted to also double check and see if it was the sound card, or if it was the game. Well, I also happen to have a Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Sound headset which has its own built-in audio device. When I switched over to that device, I still got the sound stuttering in the game. At that point, I thought I had narrowed it down to it being a Dungeon Siege 3 problem and not a sound card problem. Turns out it wasn't--at least, in my case. I run a messaging program called XFIRE that works in-game with a ton of different games. I've ran it for years, and have developed a habit of always starting it up before I start up any games, so I can keep track of how many hours I've been playing a particular game. Well, I had an idea to have XFIRE closed when I started up the game, and viola! No sound issues--on either my headset OR my built-in sound device. If any of you with stuttering or "popping" sound issues in this game happen to run the program XFIRE (or any other gaming program that might have a built-in "in-game" function to it--besides Steam, of course), you may want to shut down any program like that while you're running DS3, because it may be affecting the sound for some unknown reason. Bottom line for me: XFIRE running, sound popping during dialogue. XFIRE not running, all audio (including all dialogue) clear as a bell. Hope this helps someone. "Alien"
  2. Patch fixed the keybinding (thank you!), but it doesn't look like they addressed the sound stuttering issue... It's still extremely horrible. Changing the priority only helps a tiny bit--not much. Is this being looked into? It's extremely annoying. "Alien"
  3. Normal weeks, yeah. Game developer weeks, no. Unless they're on a deadline/crunch to get a game published last second or something, most of their "normal business" stuff is done Mon-Fri. There's always exceptions, but for the most part, in any company, for any game, anywhere, you're not going to see updates to the game occur on a Saturday or Sunday. So, the bottom line remains: It's toward the end of Friday, and still no patch. They said it'd be out this week. What gives? "Alien" P.S. That was posted 8 days ago, btw, if you want to reaaaaly get technical about it.
  4. Thanks for the replies... I don't frequent many game developer's forums where they actually have mods that regularly stop by and try to answer questions without belittling the person who asks the questions. I'm willing to bet it's a Steam certification issue. Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out tomorrow, so I at least have a few days to play it before I have to start classes again! "Alien"
  5. There any word on this? Anybody know anything? I thought the blog said it was coming out this week, but still nothing, and it's nearing the end of the week. Would have been nice to get it at the start of my summer break, not at the end of it....lol "Alien"
  6. Thank goodness... I had dropped playing the game out of frustration for not being able to move around like I wanted or remap keys in a manner more suiting to my style of play, so I'll definitely start playing it again... Looking forward to it! I've got a week off for summer break too, so if they release it earlier in the week, then I'll be spending a LOT of time with it! "Alien"
  7. Metacritic all-time best PC game scores list簻龜㰺烻γ䨾烉 I see 7 of Bioware's games on that list on the first page, and none of Obsidian's. Just sayin'. "Alien"γ%5d"]ok[/url]
  8. Same. Thanks for the reply! "Alien"
  9. (See included pic) Not exactly. Heh. I'll just trust that you're smart enough to know that I was referring to the original Neverwinter Nights game that preceded NWN2. "Alien"
  10. Dude... Seriously? ....Seriously? Bioware has the Mass Effect series (so far two of the best RPGs ever made), Knights of the Old Republic, the ORIGINAL Neverwinter Nights, and the original Dragon Age (which was awesome--they didn't deliver as well with the 2nd one, I'll admit)...not to mention that they're in charge of one of the longest-running and most successful mmoRPGs of all time (Ultima Online). And Obsidian has... Fallout: New Vegas and Neverwinter Nights 2? Oh, oh... wait.... I almost forgot... Bioware did Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2--two of the most influential RPGs in gaming history. Might want to actually use your brain and think a bit before you open your mouth and insert your foot squarely in it. I like Obsidian. They've done pretty good work, and they have a LOT of potential. But they are LIGHT YEARS away from even being compared to one of the most successful RPG developers of all time. "Alien"
  11. I'll have to add my voice here too in wondering about this.... I think the gameplay is pretty sweet (and I am also a hardcore DS1 and DS2 fan), but not being able to remap the keys for comfort is aggravating me so much that I've had to stop playing the game in order to keep from getting too frustrated and turned off to play it anymore. In the meantime, I guess I'll play F.E.A.R. 3, but I'd REALLY like to be playing DS3 right now, so I hope the patch will be soon. "Alien"
  12. I have the same stuttering issues, and I also happen to have a Realtek sound card, so it appears it may be an issue specifically related to Realtek sound cards... I am attaching my Dxdiag text file to hopefully help in determining the source of the problem. "Alien" DxDiag.txt
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