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  1. I speculate what might help. This are just ideas, or things that worked in other games, where I had the same unfair drops for certain characters. Maybe you can just test it: - Maybe there is more good loot for the character who opend the server? (Did the guy that played Katrina hosted the game?) - Maybe the drop chances are randomly generated at server startup, so reopening the server creates an other item "seed"? PS: I also hate the multiplayer camera, but I alredy said that in 2 other posts best regards, Dean0815
  2. I can confirm that When you play online coop, it just looks the same, as you are playing with two controllers on one PC: One screen (no split screen) but the players can't walk far from each other because then the display ends and the camera is not zooming out. I also wrote this here and I hope the developers are fixing it soon.
  3. I agree to that. Having one screen in online multiplayer is totally killing the coop-fun. I play DS3 with two friends online an it is just horrible to play a "long-range combat"-character (Katarina) if you can not run away from your enemies. Also the camera is often showing the scene dirct from above, when my friendsdare standing as far away as possible from each other, so the game looks like it is two dimensional only. Here in the forum there are six other players that also feel the same way: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=57757 http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?sho
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