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  1. All right, I have finally formed all thoughts together now to give you my opinion of Dungeon Siege 3: Great game! I do have some nitpicks, but I have a lot more positives. First the nitpicks, which are mostly technical: I wish multiplayer was better implemented. I have a copy of the game and I bought my mother a copy, but short of plugging in my controller into her computer, I still haven't figured out how to play a private game over our LAN network. In order to play together we had to play as public which wasn't what we wanted. Secondly, I'm still not fond of the health orb drops. The
  2. You're close The engine can definitely draw skies if we included skyboxes in the areas, when you get to the causeways you'll see what I'm taking about, but we usually don't include skyboxes in areas that don't need it. Tilting the camera further would have an impact on performance, gameplay and art since the whole game was designed around the current camera angle. We have a debug camera here that allows us to tilt it further and it doesn't look or feel right, so I wouldn't recommend it. Ahhh, thanks for letting me know. It's not a big enough deal that I won't play the game.
  3. I really liked the demo a lot and have played it through fully three times. The two things I would like to address is the camera (not the A and D keys). I would like to see a better angle. When, for example, being close to the character, I can only move the camera up so far to see what's in front of me. Zooming out is a bit better, but adding that extra angle for up and down would be very nice. Secondly, the length of the health bubbles. I'm sure someone's mentioned this before, but if actual health potions aren't used and health bubble drops are instead, they need to have a greater lengt
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