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  1. The problem narroved down to the following: - The demo runs properly if your location set to "USA".
  2. Finally there is a solution for my (and most possible others) problem: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=1921943
  3. You're right, I use same UID on the different forums. And I highly disappointed with this bug, so I try to reach someone who may help with the problem by the all ways possible.
  4. Thanks alot for the emulator link, it actually solves the problems with controller. However, maybe Obsidian would be so kind and allows us to use our controllers without any 3rd party software?
  5. Unfortunately this is not helping, but thanks. Also, for some unknown reason, the integrity check always re-downloads one file (InstallScript.vdf). I've compared the couple of versions between downloads - they are identical to the last bit.
  6. Thanks, already did that. However, the problems with VS and games were resolved by the game patches (most frequent were UbiSoft games). Also, I tried all versions of VC++ redistributables available at this moment with demo - no luck. How I tried - deleted all other redistributables and install one at the time (deleting previous ones).
  7. I totally agree with the assumption about AMD/ATI. The demo crashes happily on the nVidia cards too, according to the forums topics in Internet.
  8. I launched the demo on laptop (on desktop it still crashes) with my gamepad, but it did not work in the game. I tried to check option "controller support" in the settings. Hit Save, Continue and nothing happens. Demo does not react to the gamepad in any way. When I looked into the settings, the "controller support" option was cleared. Checked it again, and again without success. Gamepad: Thrustmaster Rumblepad 3-in-1 Also, Logithech gamepad did not work too.
  9. I've got the following problem: When I try to start the demo from Steam, it is simply crashes to the desktop. I've tried: 1. Update drivers and DirectX 2. Re-install the demo 3. Triple checked the integrity of Steam files 4. Re-installed VC++ 2008 Redistributable (both non SP and SP1). 5. In addition to the 2008 redist, I've installed the 2010 and 2005 redistributables. Still no luck 6. Monitored HW - no problems detected 7. Restarted OS several times 8. Tried to run from Admin 9. Tried to run with compatibility mode (XP and Vista) I just ran out of the ideas what to do next.
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