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  1. Basically Just muted each other, as we play on two seperate lap tops with built in mics, the feedback was SERIOUSLY crushing our ears. Mutes each other, and the problem was solved. The Shared Camera caused some horrific problems though....
  2. ummm Just fix the Shared Camera and I would LOVE this game.... This Camera garbage is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I really dont see it as a lost cause, I dont understand why a SIMPLE patch cant come out that gives independent camera or some form of fix for this horrific Shared Camera concept in Multiplayer. I play Lucas, My fiancee plays Katarina. Most of the game thus far I have just stood with the block button pressed as she picks off **** thats off the screen.... Fun.... Game... Fix the camera please.
  4. Um... How about Unlocking The Co-Op Camera?? Is that on the list for their next patch as well???
  5. Um... my fiancee and I woke up today with the intention of downloading two copies of DS3 over steam, or heading to our local best buy and snagging two copies to enjoy on our day off together..... If this co-op shared screen is in fact the truth (which by the amount of players complaining about it) we are not going to be picking this up. I wanted to play Lucas, a close range fighter, and her Katarina. How do you share Screens for a Melee and a Gun weilder? This is an incredibly stupid design decision. I can deal with the Host Saves Only. But the camera shouldnt have ANY effect on Multiplayer. Two Computers, Two Fields of Vision.... Games back in 1998 got this right... how did this game miss? Any word on a patch to fix this??
  6. Oh so, in essence my fiancee and I could play through the entire story while keeping both of our characters built/equipped the way we save them at... So we could both enjoy the story mode with "Our" characters together, we just could never bring them into another game? If thats the case, then thats not that big of a deal. PS: How sure of this are you? Are you almost 100% sure that she would retain her abilities/items from the save that the Host saves?
  7. Hey, all so this is my first post and ive been reading that the their is no "Bring my character to your game" type system in place. However my question is lets say the following example: My fiancee and I buy the game, I host and am Lucas, she joins in as Katarina. We get 2 hours into the game, and she has items and such and I found neat items and such. When SHE LEAVES my game I stop playing, and dont progress any further. I understand all of this up to this point. If she REJOINS my game, and picks Katarina again, is it the same Katarina that she left? Or are all her items/abilities reset and she just gets whatever the computer gives her??? Thanks in advance for the help on this clarification. Basically I understand that the Host is the only one that saves the game, but does the host save the game including his character and any of his friends characters as they are when he saves. So that if a group of people wanted to play together, and they stopped and started at the same time always, they would always have the characters they built during that play through, provided that the host always hosts???
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