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  1. That was a nice, to the point review. Not full of hype or marketing talking points, quite honest and fair really. Reinhart looks very cool. I hope we get some extra characters through DLC or an expansion. I know everyone will flame me for this, but it would be awesome if a squenix character like lightning or balthier made an appearance as a secret character! it would make no sense lore wise, but it could be explained by some sort of I dimensional gate or something. I just think they would be really fun to play in this game.
  2. If you're reading the codex and thinking they all hate it, you don't understand the codex.
  3. Lots of pirates are enjoying the game, from the codex over to something awful, there are heaps of people saying it's good. You're only listening to the hate, which up to this point mainly consists of nonsensical rage quit comments like THIS ISN'T DUNGEON SIEGE RAAAR This is consolized. I don't care about anything else, it's consolized and that means automatically and unequivocally that it is bad The voice acting is bad These graphics are last gen Multiplayer isn't what I want. I wanted Diablo style multiplayer. This doesn't have that, therefore it sucks. Loot doesn't change the character model Sorry but all of these complaints are cop outs. Let's address them shall we? It's a reboot. Deal with it. It was made in the vein of very popular console ARPGs; Dark Alliance and Champions of Norath The voice acting seemed fine to me, what do you want the developers to spend more money on? Voice actors or programmers? Graphics are top down with some very nice environments and effects, sure the character models aren't great close up, but 99% of the game is played from a zoomed out view so... This is not a Diablo clone, it's a different kind of ARPG. There can be more than one you know...kind of like how Tekken and Street Fighter are both fighting games, but you know, different? It does change, just for different types of armour and even for different kinds of the same armour there are slight changes. Okay, look I can understand the rage over the multi player, but seriously it's just not that kind of game. Other than this the only valid complaints that I've heard so far are regarding the camera and control scheme on the PC. I think both could have been improved, but I think the PC will be getting a patch for the controls at least for sure.
  4. Please don't compare this to DA2. The game's demo is already 100 times better than all of DA2. I loved Origins, but the sequel was an abysmal cluster (this ain't the codex!). Fighting in DA2 was just horrid garbage. Fighting in DS3 is actually very engaging and enjoyable.
  5. runs smooth. looks like crap though because of the texture bug in the demo. devs said theyve fixed it, and if it indeed is running at 1080p AND has texture quality near that of the pc then ill get it on console so i can up my trophy or achievement scores. I didn't think it ran very smooth on the PS3. The frame rate was kind of sluggish imo. I really wish they would release a patch for the demo on the consoles because that blurry texture issue makes it very hard to know what I am actually getting. Basically I am still in two minds about whether to get this for PC or PS3. The performance on PC was much better and of course graphics killed the PS3, but if I get it on the console, I won't have to shell out any money for extra long USB cables or a bluetooth dongle.
  6. In the demo I also noticed very little difference between having AA off, and on 8X. I took a FPS hit, but couldn't visibly notice that there was much of a difference at all. Same thing goes for shader quality. For me the only way to get a 100% liquid frame rate was to turn shadows off. Low looks absolutely horrible outdoors, as the blocks from the shadow edges flicker in and out constantly. It's really distracting.
  7. I tend to take a bit longer with most games like this, because I actually read stuff and try to do everything. That being said, 10 hours is incredibly short. Quite disappointing if true. Let's hope they can extend the life of the game with an expansion or some DLC.
  8. Actually I got it working perfectly through the MotionInJoy app, just select the 360 profile and you're done. No need for 360ce.
  9. Woot got it working! But some issues...the left analog stick works fine, but the right is mapped to the wrong location and so are some of the buttons. Is there some way to fix that?
  10. Use the XBOX360 controller emulator http://www.tocaedit.com/IB/index.php?app=d...&showfile=4 This works for PS3 controllers? I'll try it out, thanks!
  11. Just wondering if anyone else has tried to do this with the MotionInJoy drivers. I tried but couldn't get the controller to work. They were calibrating fine, just when I played the demo they did nothing...I'm on Win7
  12. I really think the people slamming this game are not judging it on it's own merits. Did you find the extra pathways in the chapterhouse? Did you find the blocke off paths on the Pilgrims road? Or locked doors in the caverns? What about choosing to do the fisherman side quest then finding out Gregorio will talk to you after that? Did you play on hard and realize that if you just run in and button mash, you're going to last about 5 seconds? I've played the demo through a few times now and I can tell I'm just going to love this game. But, my main issue now is whether I should get it for PS3 or PC...hmmm
  13. Awesome, sounds a lot like what I felt from the demo. Ugh, still can't decide on which platform...
  14. OP should post on the Square Enix forums. Here's the thing, they bought and now own the IP. They can do whatever they want with it. They had a specific vision in mind, and tasked Obsidian with bringing that vision to life. They saw a gap left by hugely popular console titles like BG:DA and CoN and, intelligently in my mind, sought to fill this gap. If it is a good game, Obsidian should be praised. If you are annoyed about the dilution or changing of the nature of the IP, it's actually got nothing to do with them. The publisher owns the rights and it was their decision from the outset to make this style of ARPG. If this was a sequel released by the original dev, gas powered games, then frustration against them would be fine(bioware and DA2 is an example) but it's not. Obsidian just did a really good job, but they were working to a brief.
  15. Okay that's fair enough regarding the re-spec thing. I read in the latest Chapman interview that they were fixing some AA stuff for ATI cards. I had a very similar issue in this as NWN2 in that shadows affected FPS more than anything else on my ATI Mobility Radeon 5730. If I turn the shadows to low, there is no notable difference in FPS than having them on high, but if I turn them off completely, FPS becomes liquid. The game looks much better with the shadows on high though, so here I was forced to take an FPS hit. A couple more things for PC controls...for the abilities which are mapped to the square, triangle and circle buttons on the consoles, the PC requires you to press 1,2 or 3. I think this is really, unbelievably clunky. I kept trying to just hover over the little ability icons and click them, I thought this would be a really good compromise for PC gamers. Perhaps this would cause some issues if there was an enemy in the same area as the icon, but overall I found that this never really happened due to the nature of the camera and level design. I also found evade to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it simply wouldn't work. When I was holding space bar and tapped right click, sometimes nothing would happen. If I spammed enough eventually it would come out, but it did get annoying sometimes. I also got stuck in the environment a few times not being able to roll or walk out. I have done a full play through of the demo on the PC now and it's made my platform decision really, REALLY hard. The game definitely looks a lot better and runs better on the PC. It's a shame, I really wanted this to be a PS3 couch/sixaxis game. It feels so right, but the port to the PS3 from what I've seen of the demo anyway was just a tad sloppy...
  16. Try playing with a gamepad. I just did my first demo play through with Anjali last night on the PS3 and it was good. Switching forms was useful because the Fire form can't really handle enemies close up. The Jackal is great because you can cast it in the fire form, switch back to melee and let the pet kill off mages etc., while you handle the up close fighting. It kind of works like a "taunt" because the enemies don't just ignore the jackal, but it's also good because they don't all just go for it either, so there is still some skill in using it properly. I found the game to be slightly easier with Anjali. The fighting on Hard mode does have a steep learning curve though. I think the damage you take needs to be toned down a bit. At the moment it's kind of ridiculous, the only way you can avoid being killed in 2 seconds is to dash constantly. But it's true that you start thinking more strategically when 3 or 4 hits can kill you.
  17. Wow, really? Any chance that the frame rates for the PS3 will be more stable in the final release?
  18. ^ hehe, someone already had my name. The deathknight will hunt them down. I'm a bit of an FPS nazi. I really, and I mean I really hate it when frame rates drop. On PC I will play at the smallest window size if I need to get the frame rate liquid. I don't generally need to do that, but if I have to then I will. There were moments in DS3 on the PS3 where I saw glimpses of the liquid frame rate, indoors mainly. The outdoor areas had their moments, but there was some drops here and there. It was just a bit of a let down after seeing all the game footage with awesome FPS. I knew it was going to be a stretch for the consoles though. I wonder if there is any difference on the 360 version. The camera issue is disappointing, that's all I can say. They didn't learn enough from NWN2, which is sad. NWN2's camera was okay in the end, but only because there were so many settings and you COULD get it just right for your play style if you wanted to. But the initial settings were horrid, there's no doubt about that. Why don't you think re spec is good? Your abilities have no bearing on the story at all. I'm only saying this because it can be possible that people go through the first few levels of their character not really knowing where they want their points to go, then they get to a certain point and they don't like the build. Why not let them change it? It's not like there are character stats that you manually up yourself which could possibly effect choice options in the game or anything like that. One more point I'd like to add; there should be a way to switch to the AI character. This will mean someone playing a single player campaign can experience all of the characters. Just make it a rule that you always have to have your initial hero in the team, so that for story sections it can just cut to them. If this is not an option in the full game, then that makes no sense to me.
  19. Hi there, I've been watching this game for a while and I was pretty damn excited for the demo. Having played it on both PS3 and PC, I'm still kind of undecided which platform to buy this for, but am leaning PS3, just because I don't want to have to buy a pair of game pads for my PC. I'll just say that I liked a lot of what was in the demo. Combat was intricate and challenging. Graphics were, on the whole, very pleasant, sound was well done, and the brief glimpse of how completing side quests can open up new pathways was really cool. Both characters played quite differently to each other, but were just as fun. It's going to be interesting to see how the other two shape up. Alright so I know that most likely the game has shipped and there won't be any changes, but I need to point out a few things. Engine - on the whole it is really nice, but there were some moments where the frame rate dropped to choppy levels on the PS3, this was disappointing. I wish the frame rate could be kept more consistently smooth. Anjali - her spear attacks need some different kind of feedback when they hit the enemy. This flashing lights make it hard to see that you actually hit something, so some kind of impact sound effect would help Camera - I was yearning to pan down to see the horizon line, in so many instances. It's really difficult to see what is coming ahead of you if it's around a corner. It would be so awesome to be able to just tilt the camera a little bit more. I found that switching between the two modes helped somewhat, but I felt if the close angle was just pulled back a tad more and had more of a tilt that would solve everything. Map - this relates to the point above, why not have indicators for enemies on the map? This would help you keep track of all the craziness that happens when there are a lot of enemies on screen at once Tutorial - I think for the not so RPG savvy, you're going to need to introduce the stats/weapon effects in a little bit more expansive way than just "read the help topics". It would be good if there was some sort of training mission where they explained these, or some lore entries that you find at least. This goes for how the skill trees work as well. I got it all but I reckon a lot won't. Re Spec - I think there should be an option to re spec your character if you want to later down the road, just in case you think you made a mistake with the skill trees. All in all, I think the game is good and will do well. I do feel it is lacking some polish though. Some aspects are a bit rough around the edges, and it's a shame because if it was just 5% better, I think this would be a 9/10 game. At the moment it's looking like an 8, which is still great don't get me wrong.
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