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  1. I will just say, that dragon age origins, da2 (although I hardly played it) and ME2 all work well at high settings on my laptop. Little to no frame rate issues, while NWN2, which I love, struggles on max and that is an 07 game. Again it seems the shadows are just a huge hog on ATI cards. I don't know why it's so hard for Obsidian to do shadows that don't destroy frame rates so much. I've heard NVIDIA cards handle them better though.
  2. Okay I have a feeling that 11_6 is not correct for my card. All other games are running badly now too. The problem is I updated via windows to the new driver, but perhaps I shouldn't have done this. When I download the Catalyst Mobility Software Suite, it prompts to download 11_5 not 11_6. Why this is the case, I have no idea...but I will download it and install it. I tried to roll back the driver through windows, but it had some weird results. I'm so confused by all this, and to be honest I blame ATI for their horrible installation/update process. How hard is it to just make these things simple? You have card A? then here, download this SINGLE file and it will do everything for you. Is that so hard? Pretty much ever other piece of hardware with drivers does this.
  3. Okay, that didn't do anything. I don't understand what is going on and I'm raging in the extreme right now. The FPS is choppy even on the title screen now where it was smooth before. The arrow moving through menus is extremely slow, and the frame rate in the game is just rubbish. Rebooting is doing nothing. Another thing I am noticing is that Windows says "Windows has activated the default color scheme" whenever the game launches. Ok, rage quitting now.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've attached a dxdiag file. I'm not running any heavy stuff while playing the game at all. Perhaps the heaviest thing that's running is my Anti Virus, which is McAfee. one thing to try - try turning off mcafee completely. not just using a pause until i say so command, or whatever mcafee uses for the same thing. i mean exit out of the program completely and then see if any mcafee processes are still running and force quit them. edit - also, what is E: on your system? it lists it as a cd drive, but you cant have 2 dvd/cd drives in a laptop. is it a daemon tools virtual drive or something? Yeah, okay now there is something really strange going on. I can't get the game to run smooth, AT ALL anymore. No matter what I do, the frame rate is stuck low. I can't really understand this. I've just gone to the game cache in Steam and defragged it. Let's see if this does anything.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've attached a dxdiag file. I'm not running any heavy stuff while playing the game at all. Perhaps the heaviest thing that's running is my Anti Virus, which is McAfee. Cynic_DxDiag.txt
  6. Alright, the bug is still present and is rendering the game next to unplayable for me at the moment. I have to quit and reboot every 20 minutes. As you can imagine, I am pretty pissed. What I have been noticing: Accessing the inventory seemed to cause the memory leak to happen more often The stuttering audio and frame rate seem to be related somehow Lowering the graphics doesn't seem to help at all, the leak occurs no matter what Rebooting the game itself doesn't really help, I actually need to reboot Steam entirely Once again I will list my specs: Processor: Core i7 740QM Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5730 1GB (driver version 8.692.1.0) RAM: 8GB
  7. Okay, haven't experienced the bug so extremely since installing the new driver, however...there still does seem to be memory leaks happening. If things get bad, I reboot the game and everything is fine for 30 mins or so, then frame rates dip again. I've also noticed a stuttering sound bug in Ravens Rill. I think some others pointed this out.
  8. Alright, I've managed to update the driver it seems. Now, I don't know why, I always thought the CCC would come packaged with the latest driver and would install it when it gets updated. Apparently not so. So I went to the device manager and updated the driver there through Windows. I now have v 8.6 so I will try the game again now. I don't know why, but my Catalyst Control Center will not boot either. I've read that this is a common problem on Windows 7. The fixes I read online seemed too long for me to bother with now so I'm just going to see how the game runs with this new driver. Will report back.
  9. I've just updated to 11.6 however, I am noticing something strange. When I installed CCC 11.6 everything went ahead fine, but if I look up the display adapter in Windows, it says the driver version is 8.831.2.0 and the driver date is 08/03/2011. When I read the release notes though it says the driver version should be AMD display driver version 8.861. The file which I've downloaded and installed is 11-6_mobility_vista_win7_32-64_ccc.exe Is there something I've done wrong?
  10. Hmm but it did happen before I installed the latest drivers. CCC 11.5 is what I am using now. The game DID run slightly better afterwards. Oh I just saw that 11.6 has just been released...I'll try it out.
  11. Okay so I was super excited that my steam install was finished and ready to go. I started up the game and encountered a number of bugs. I will list them here: The game crashed when toggling the vsync option I got an initial crash during the second Odo monologue. Just froze. Massive memory leaks are making the game unplayable at the moment The third one is the worst. The game runs totally fine for the most part then suddenly, bam, I get hit by a massive FPS destroying memory leak. There seems to be no reason for the leak, at one point I just left the game running and then it suddenly fixed itself. I experienced this during the demo, but after updating my ATI drivers, it didn't happen again. Sadly it's happening in the full game as well. Here are my PC specs: Processor: Core i7 740QM Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 RAM: 8GB When the game is not memory leaking it runs beautifully on all high settings even with AA on. When it is memory leaking it is unplayable and game breaking. I'm really disappointed by this, I was looking forward to the first weekend of playing through the game but it's not happening right now. Hope there is some sort of reason for these problems and they can be fixed.
  12. I will probably have to wait 4 years if Steam doesn't sort their shiz out. So damn slow!
  13. Okay so...everywhere I read says 17th. So what is this Available 18th June stuff? So people in EU and AU will be able to install it on the 17th? Wasn't the internets supposed to end all this regional bull?
  14. WIN! Well actually the price is just 49.99 USD where all other games are 79.99 USD, bit strange? One thing I want to know, if you go here http://store.steampowered.com/sub/7310/ in the right hand column it says Release Date: 22 Jun 2011 but in the left hand column under the hero image it says Available 18th June 2011 WTF? So when will I actually be able to install it?
  15. If you're in Australia taht price will be 79.99AUD, not USD, most likely. Steam region-locks the prices so you'll probably get the 80$ price for DS3 too. I recommend game.co.uk, 27 quid (50-5550AUD roughly); I'm in New Zealand and I'll be able to download it tomorrow morning. I'm sure there are similar deals out there. Never ever trust release dates or predictions by any of the brick and mortar stores in New Zealand. I don't know whether it's their own incompetence or the disadvantages of being such a small and remote market, but unless it's Call of Duty or something, games will never, EVER come on time. Stopped buying anything from them 5 years ago but every time I check it's the same - their release dates are always wrong, they never tell you anything until you ask them, and then they dont' know anything. Useless. Nope, just bought it from Steam - 49.99USD includes DS1 and 2 which I can install now. That's a total of 47AUD. Bargain.
  16. Interesting, so if I go here http://store.steampowered.com/sub/7310/ it says release June 18th. So I guess that means I can play it on June 18th. Will the price go up after the release, is that just some sort of pre order sale?
  17. I'm also wondering what's going on with Steam. The release date for Australia is tomorrow, but Steam says it's not available till the 22nd. So what's the go? Can I not get it from Steam until the USA release date? If I go into the shops and buy it for PC tomorrow will I not be able to play until 22nd? Also, the game is 49.99 USD on Steam right now, but I'm noticing many other full price games that are released are 79.99 USD. Does this mean the DSIII price will go up to 79.99 USD after release? 49.99 USD is a steal, but I want to play this weekend!
  18. That's the guy who did the great interview with Nathaniel. Excellent review. The textures definitely look sharper in those screens. Can't wait! Did they give it a score? Shame if not because you can't add it to metacritic then right?
  19. Okay, I've just updated my graphics card drivers and this seems to have not only fixed the problem, but made the game run MUCH better. FYI I've just upgraded to Catalyst v 11.5. Game runs superbly now. Really happy with this, PC version it is!
  20. Not sure if this will happen in the final release (I sure hope not) but I've experienced a pretty crippling bug while playing the demo. It's happened to me a few times, but just now was the worst. This time it happened when I entered the spider's nest in the chapter house. Basically I am playing the game on all high settings, with AA turned off and no vertical sync. Here are my PC specs: Processor: i7 740QM Graphics: Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB RAM: 8GB The game is running pretty damn smooth up until this bug hits. It reminds me of the horrible memory leaks I experienced in Dragon Age Origins slightly. Basically the frame rate suddenly grinds to a halt, the sound breaks up and stutters and the game becomes totally unplayable. I've managed to fix it sometimes by alt tabbing out of the game into Windows and then back, but this time that wasn't going to fly. Eventually the game just crashed completely and Windows went into default mode. Bit worrying considering I am leaning very heavily towards getting this on PC. Anyone else experienced this?
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