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  1. I think the replies made by fellow end-users says enough.
  2. As the title says, the game itself isn't bad. The controls needs somewhat getting used to and the failure of implemening personal keybindings (switching right mousebutton for middle etc), is something indie developers forget to add to games, not developers like you guys, bit of a shame. Other than that the game is pretty well done. For the subject of "Dungeon Siege", you totaly missed the boat there. You see a lot of dev's do this, and its bad, you take a game which is good (like Dungeon Siege 1) and decide to make a sequel, which on itself is a GREAT idea! Though the problem is that those dev's dont keep the "Dungeon Siege" aspects of the game and people that played the first 2 parts will be deeply, deeply disappointed at the fact that this is no Dungeon Siege anymore. The story is certainly a followup of Dungeon Siege and by the first looks, the story fits with the previous games. The problem with this game is that the entire "Gameplay" and "Game Logic" are certainly not Dungeon Siege, developers dont realize this, or don't seem to, but disappointed fans, is not something which will do good on your reputation, and therefor it would have been MUCH better if the game was released using a different title. Why? Well because then we will not expect you (the developers) to give us Dungeon Siege and we (the end-user) will not have the feeling that the dev's were only using the name so the game would sell. If you would have wanted to make a sequel of Dungeon Siege 1, which i fullly support, you should have take the gameplay mechanics and other key features of the game in account more then you did this time, because not doing this will ruin your sequel. Conclusion: Don't try to make sequels of games if your not able to actualy make it a sequel, just name it something else and both the dev's and end-users will be happier, because they did'nt get any false hope. Grtz, TheMPC
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