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  1. I'm not advocating sameness; so I'm not sure why this is relevant to what I've mentioned. I could use an example other than diablo 2 and arrive at the same place. Baldur's gate: Dark alliance? Champions of Norath? Marvel ultimate alliance? Dragon Age 2? Paper Mario? Diablo =/= BG. I'm not sure you understand my meaning if you think that follows from "my" logic. Torchlight is hardly an updated diablo 2; fun game though and great value. Some interesting innovations too.
  2. Thats the sort of logic your using. Not as good as other games? Don't compare them though cause its not like those games. Its good though, even though its not trying too hard.
  3. It doesn't want to be anything, so therefore its good no matter what it is? Cool, I'll be sure to mention that when I hand in my thesis. Also, it does want to be those things if you look at the promotional material; if it didn't it should be an PSN/XBLA release like some reviewers suggested.
  4. "Dungeon Siege III will likely make you question your expectations of a fantasy action RPG, and more specifically, whether you believe a single-player lootfest is worth sixty dollars today. It's usually uncommon for me to begin a review with the price tag, since it always drops with time and I look at the design first and foremost. But I only realized that the game was primarily a single-player experience after completing the 12-hour campaign when I tried, well, the multiplayer. Consider this a fair warning." http://www.gamerevolution.com/review/xbox360/dungeon-siege-3
  5. I would say that the combat tries to be deeper, not that it is. Try playing a necromancer in d2. The health orb, "power", focus and stances hardly offset the amount of skills. For example, Playing as Anjali you will end up choosing one of the 2 stances because stats lean themselves towards one or the other. Normal attacks -->skills--> repeat, dodge/block on occasion. Playing as a necromancer in d2 you will summon minions/ cast different curses depending on the enemies/ cast poison spells/ bone spells/ bone shield. Too many keys for 3 buttons, thats for sure; and a lot more strategic depth. You will be doing the same things in DS3 regardless of enemies with the exception of the single target/ multiple target distinction and even that is a matter of preference not necessity.
  6. Those are all rubbish in Diablo 2, though. Diablo 2 strengths are in its replayability and in the very diverse character builds. Actually the stuff I listed is handled quite well in Diablo 2. It's part of why the game got a patch 10 years into it's life and why people still play game, more people than play DS3 by the way. DS3 is not about GOOD ACTION COMBAT either ... it is definitely in the same genre as Torchlight ... this isn't Ninja Gaiden. Enemy variety and AI is good in Diablo 2? HAHAOHWOW No it isn't Ninja Gaiden, it's a BG:Dark Alliance style game. Enemy variety is way richer in diablo 2 than DS3 (enchanted enemies/ uniques/ bosses/ just normal enemies). In fact, I'm pretty sure act 1 alone has more enemies than DS3. http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/monsters/act1.shtml (doesn't list bosses: Blood raven, the smith, griswold, andariel among others in act 1) AI isn't great, but then it isn't in DS3 either.
  7. Lighten up. There aren't any orcs in the game either AND 2 people can't use swords.. I thought that was pretty funny aswell.
  8. They missed the part when the dialogue wheels.
  9. Well, I'd hate to see your reaction if they made halo into a TBS game.
  10. Dungeon siege 1, released 2002, dungeon seige 2, released 2005. Totally ancient amirite?
  11. In fact. It is. Well aren't you special. I don't think its about being "special". If a game says on the back of the box "fully online multiplayer" and it has what this game has for multiplayer...
  12. It's the most recent big mulit platform RPG. Many peoples memories only go that far. Witcher 2 says hi. The comparison is a fair one. Multi platform says hello. xbox 360 + pc = single platform? I think your on to something now.
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