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  1. I've enjoyed the game since it was released, but I haven't played through all of the various patches, as I'm not finding quite the same replay value I did with the Baldur's Gate series. I'm not writing off the possibility, and it may have to do with the fact that I've got a bit more going on in my life than I did in 1998. For the time I spent on it, I can't complain about the price, that's for sure. I'm at least still interested enough in the game that I read and responded to this thread...
  2. No that wouldn't be possible and I'm glad it isn't. That would kill the feel of the game. I played a game called Myth: The Fallen Lords around the same time that Baldur's Gate came out. It was a fully-3D real time tactical game - no resource management, all tactics. The camera rotated 360 degrees and you could zoom in and out. I can see how that would be difficult to pull off in a game where the environments need a lot more detail, but I'm not sure why it isn't possible. Can you explain?
  3. The game ran acceptably on my early 2011 Macbook Pro (2.3 GHz i5 / 4G 1333 DDR3). There were occasional, slight slow-downs during certain very graphics-intensive (lots of spell effects during combat) sequences, but nothing that affected gameplay. Your laptop's fans will probably get a workout, but that's why they're installed.
  4. I am currently in Germany, and all I can say is kill me. Get me a swimming pool of snow so I can bathe is slush. I'll spend all saturday on the Northsea, as will half of the population of northern germany. But today was a workday and I had to change my wardrobe two times during the day. It's not the heat per se, but the humidity that drives you nuts. So, as I said above: Give us that icy expansion already! Absolutely. I'm in the vicinity of Hamburg (Uelzen to be specific) and there was even a bit of rain today, even though it's warm as hell. When did Germany become the tropics? D:
  5. Steam has me at 146, which seems pretty high. I've played through to completion once, and started three or four other games to check out different character builds. I did some quick research into how Steam calculates hours, and couldn't find a definitive answer. My guess is that Steam "rounds up" minutes played at a certain point to the next hour. I have absolutely no evidence for my hypothesis, nevertheless I believe it, and as a result am going to start a religion on that basis. Also, when trying to figure out how much time I'll spend on a game, I can generally double the average a
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