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  1. Hmm, wasn't Blackamoor the unconfirmed name for BIS' canceled project Jefferson (aka BG3)?


    IHMO, the ex-BIS and now Obsidian developers should be the least to blame for that unfortunate event...

    No, the name of that project was The Black Hound.


    And I am sure not all the Obsidian founders are absolutely blameless.

  2. As it is, the current posters all pretty much know each other from the various IPLY/BIS forums, DAC, NMA, RPG Codex, Mistress' Lair, Winterwind, and other places. That's why this place is a mess at the moment.

  3. Now, Spazmo... don't give him such a hard time. Everyone has to earn a living one way or the other. I consider his reviews irrelevant, but I'm sure there's a lot of kids out there who went and bought NWN and its expansions because Visceris gave them high marks.


    He does need to work on his English, though. A lot.

  4. The combat system of KOTOR was very similiar if not exactly that of NWN. Which in turn is based off the d20 system. The reason for this combat system is because it's based off of character developement instead of player skill. If you make player skill more of an issue, then character developement becomes less important. The combat system had it's kinks, but I still enjoyed both NWN and KOTOR.

    Er... no. The combat system was nothing like NWNs. It basically depended on queuing actions and then watching the ensuing cinematic. It sucked major time.

  5. Drivel will get posted, though - that's the purpose of the Way Off Topic forum. I don't have a problem with strict enforcement of the rules (as long as the rules are clear), but they may wish to differentiate themselves from... the other forums, and that means the moderators will have to be a bit more open about what they are doing.


    Bring back the Overseer!

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