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  1. Read about PCI Express and the new generation of GPUs before you do anything, MC. And Visceris is right, 120 gigs isn't enough even now, and I don't know if upgrading the 'puter by adding another HDD yourself voids the Alienware warranty or not.

  2. make the player

    heh, doesn't that kind of kill the role playing?

    I'm not against it, but it would seem like those anal guys around wouldn't like this.

    Yes, some of the "anal" guys around would certainly diss the idea, because they somehow think role-playing is only possible with a blank-slate character. I do not share their views.


    However, my idea is no more imposing on the protagonist than the idea that he starts out as a Republic soldier in KotOR. Instead, he simply starts off working for the Sith and has an option to turn to the Light Side during the game.


    Yes, this idea is more theoretical and aimed at future games than it is at KotOR2.

  3. Man, believing in some sort of god, that angels fletter about, and a big nasty devil exists doesn't sound like someone who has a firm grip of reality.

    *squashes an astral deva like a bug*


    Of course a big nasty devil doesn't exist. There's a whole bunch of us.

  4. I haven't played much KotOR, but I understand that there is a choice to be made whether the player wants to join the Dark Side or the Light Side. Which is fine and dandy, but... here's a (hopefully) fresh idea: make the player character start out as belonging to the Dark Side in the beginning, and make him work towards redemption if he wishes to join the Light Side.

  5. If anyone feels that DnD is holding back better design, its because they simply don't like DnD.  It is very subjective.

    I am sorry, but, what? I've been playing and DMing D&D in its various incarnations for a long time, and I think that it is most definitely holding the game design back - because the designers often use D&D conventions out of habit (even when much better alternatives are available), and others purposefully try to break away from D&D by making illogical design choices, just so they can be "different."

  6. When stats are removed from the game, 99% of people (Karzak included, I am sure) play their Int 3, Cha 3 orc barbarians as if they were Int 20, Cha 20 elf wizards. Without stats, it is not f***ing possible to distinguish between two characters within the context of the rules. This is true in PnP, and is even more true in CRPGs.

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