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  1. Nothing. If I haven't played the game I can't comment on its content and thus cannot possibly make a valid judgement as to whether or not mods would improve anything. Unlikely.


    I know something else I hope gets added: A new enemy/npc type. On a different thread I've been throwing around a race idea about monkey people. I'll put on this more appropriate thread now; expect a long post:


    Race name: Not sure, open to suggestions.




    How they loo

    Fighting them and interacting with them and their culture would be awesome. Not to mention they might be realistic to mod into the game since they don't have a home area. They are nomadic and can simply be thrown into existing maps. The main issue would be adding the character models, and thus playing as them would be FAR too much work to be plausible. As enemies and npcs it might be doable, or maybe I'm just bananas. I might even try to add these guys in myself. Only time will tell.

    This is wildly premature fanfiction/add my OC (do not steal,) in my eyes.

  2. Shovel Knight since I got sort of "turn-based RPGs with no compelling story or cast of main characters"-outed with Divinity:OS and Wasteland 2. Feels like I'm playing Megaman 2 for the first time again. Feels good, man. Well, except for the drastically reduced movement speed while charging an attack (at least megaman got to move normal speed with a charged shot.) YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOING, COMCEPT, I HAVE FAITH IN YOU.

  3. There are good crossbows around but I agree they're not really worthwhile - the AP cost is a real killer. Crossbows needed to have some special property, like piercing enemies in a line, to make them interesting. 


    Anyway, yeah, I've just played a couple hours with my stealth duo and it's not an easy build to play. My point was less that it is awesome than it is viable, and I'm glad there's several viable characters to play. Crafting also gets fun once you get used to recipes and ingredients, though it is overwhelming at first. 


    Worst part of the game has to be the retarded imp.

    Crossbows should have high ROF/low AP cost/low skill threshold while bows should have the highest armor penetration/negation and crit damage modifier against non zomboid/skeletal enemies.

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  4. I figured I ought to necro this thread. Has there been any word on Holy Avengers(or any class-restricted items for that matter)?

    Why ought you "necro" this thread? Are you daring the world's paladins to smite you with holy fury?


    For what it's worth, the PoE Paladin is not religion-based, and is only a zealot for his own cause (and not for some deity or organization in particular).

    Except for the people whose zeal is religious, like most people possessing the quality we know as "ζῆλος," zelos being a word meaning "to emulate" or "jealousy." In other words, a zealot is someone who is devoid of original ideas or self-motivation, but is driven by a desire to imitate others (i.e. prominent religious figures, who held great sway in the ancient world, sort of like a certain papa today,) whether or not they are conscious of this fact.
  5. Do they play football? Polo? Quidditch? Do they all go to the king's tournaments? Jousting? May fairs?


    Or are all the plebs/serfs busy trying to stay alive?


    It'll be nice to know a little about how the daily lives of nobles/plebs goes.

    The world's universally renowned game, Cùjū (pronunciation: tsu-jee, neutral first syllable, high-rising tone on the second syllable,) of course.


    Also, have you ever heard of booze, gambling or prostitution?

  6. It seems like a stretch to think that enemies would be randomly placed. What's the point of deliberately designing areas and constructing them by hand with elements like chokepoints if the game is just going to randomly spawn 8 wizards who just spam AOE spells at you through the threshold? Or a bunch of melee goons who gum up the doorway and make themselves easy fodder for your own AOE wizard/s?

  7. Yesterday I was in the mood for sushi. But had better idea. 


    Found good fishmongers, bought fresh salmon steak. Took slamon steak home, armed self with sharp knife, and fork. Ate salmon raw with plain brown rice. Soy sauce, black pepper, lemon.


    Cost: £5.50 for about 4 times more raw fish goodness than I'd have got in a sushi box.

    Took out Le Grille and had some fun. My totally manly teflon spatula came to good use. Pork, hot dogs, kebab and whatnot. Some Coca Cola, beers and potato salad to top things off.


    Huh. Barbecued some summer chinook earlier. Funny.



    Speaking of barbecue equipment, why are stores only stocking those stupid silicon tipped barbecue tongs?

    Because you don't live in AMERICA.

  8. Them, not the publishers.

    But they are the publishers.


    It's lame that they tell you the enemies' exact levels too (and you don't need the 'lore' skill for it either).

    Why don't you just fight anyway? If you're using that information to avoid encounters then you're letting the lamers win. Don't metagame and run away because you know elementary maths (i.e. 12 is larger than 2.)



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  9. :lol:

    Agx were you that type of kid who went out his way to prove that there was no such thing as Father Xmas and then used science to show your fellow pre-schoolers that he couldn't possibly exist?


    Don't get me wrong I am huge supporter in the facts and intellectual debate but sometimes we like things to be silly or unlikely or just plain fantasy :sorcerer:


    Lets not over-analyse everything ( its funny hearing me tell you this because I get told I do this in RL )

    It's a rhetorical device known as "hyperbole."





    You're both wrong, there should be a long drawn out legal battle that bankrupts the PC while the romance partner shacks up with a man-child and lives off the PC's hard earned adventuring loot. Romance at its most realistic.

    If women were attracted to man-children there wouldn't be any "men's rights" activists on the internet blaming feminists for all the world's ills (their ongoing virginity and the illegality of prostitution ranking high among those global problems.)

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  10. That ****ing teleportation pyramid. Seriously, now I've got a swarm of town guards on my ass because I couldn't unlock the door and they never clarified I should drop the first pyramid before using it. Teleporting back to the first one is useless when you're carrying the first one in your pocket. Which is currently adorning you in the same room as the destination pyramid. With an angry naked woman calling for town guards when you try to escape through the supposedly always-passable door. Despite passing the speech/reason/charisma/whatever check. YEAH THANKS LARIAN.


    Someone replace that suction-cup dart with a god**** armor piercing bullet.

  11. [...]

    But I don't think interracial Romance is even an issue anymore?



    But not very character can be Romanced by every person. Some need to be exclusive to a certain group. For example Viconia is the option for a straight male Romance

    Interracial? Still a problem for whiteys (and others, this is a two-way street,) in 'murrica. And other countries, too.


    But the chances of the PC stumbling across a veritable menagerie of bisexual/pansexuals like in DA2 is silly. Absurd. Mathematically it is exceptionally unlikely. Not quite astronomical as there are billions of stars in billions of galaxies with an unknown number of planets to them, but still. Silly.

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  12. At any rate, Divinity has proven it looks far more impressive without those circles!

    That's... rather silly. To be kind and sweet and loving. Christlike. Buddhalike. Devoid of any and all worldly feelings. I am a being of pure, benign love for you, existing only in the celestial hierarchy, and I find this statement to be silly and worldly. Imagine what the mortal humans bound by mortal desires think.

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  13. Hate to bust your bubble but one of the key design tenets of Eternity is the concept of "no bad parties".  In other words, they have built the game from the ground up so that it can be completed regardless of what type of party you use.  So all wizards should be perfectly viable.

    It's inevitable that you can still create a party with little/no combat efficacy. If you really want to fail and die from being mauled by large rodents, it's always an option.


    Frankly, it's easier to fail than to succeed in most games, if not all games.

  14. Sorry if this is a double post. The forum didn't load this when I posted it just now. I'm having some cognitive dissonance issues with the concepts shared with us so far about the game play mechanics and the concepts of souls. To me it seems very silly to spend so much time creating things in the game world that are so realistic that we have in our world like taxes and specific damage types, [...] I got the impression this is a mature story and more of a serious game though, so some aspects seem wonky to me.

    Really? The world's religions have functioned quite well while dependent on sources of revenue like taxes and specific damage types (i.e. Christian Crusaders cannibalizing Muslims in Maarrat al-Nu'man in 1098. -10 to Not Eating Muslims rolls, +10 to Anti-Christian rolls.) The fact that ancient religions exist, nay, flourish in a world with the Scientific Method despite the lack of evidence supporting their claims/abundance of evidence against their claims should be telling enough. If you want a fantasy game with zero depth/believability there are ones involving birds and pipes directly stolen from Super Mario Brothers readily available.


    How is it immature to depict realistic governmental and economic activities upon which civilization has always depended?

  15. Good to know. I love making videos where my characters walk all epic like.

    Time is such garbage. Not like there's anything better to use it on, right? Nothing more epic than walking animations in isometric games anyway.


    I've never made a game video before, but this seems like a good time to learn, if ever there was one. :)

    Step 1. Download crap software like FRAPS


    Step 2. Hit record key with FRAPS running


    Step 3. ???


    Step 4. PROFIT!!

  16. Implying "Palestine" exists? That's not a right proper Israeli point of view. Settlements for one, settlements for all! International law (like how not a single country on Earth aside from Israel recognizes Israeli settlements as legal,) is trumped by "oh yeah? HOLOCAUST! You're an anti-semites if you oppose anything we do!" That's the Anti-Defamation League's ironclad response to any criticism of Israel as a state. Keep pouring those tax dollars into Israel, US government. You're bound to get a return one of these days. Or never. 'Murrica's devotion to capitalism is less solid than some seem to believe (e.g. Israel as a worthwhile investment.)

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  17. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I took a rare detour from side questing and did a quest in the main story. I didn't even remember what the quest was about and I didn't bother reading the quest log. I treat this game as a mix of Diablo and The Elders Scrolls. Kill, kill, kill.

    Pretty sure I never even touched half the side quests in that game. It's a mistake in a game like that to make entire cities/regions purely optional when they don't have any compelling stories or characters behind them (sort of like the rest of the game, actually.) Not really surprising from a game whose big selling point was some guy who worked on Oblivion, I guess.

  18. I'm back. Wow, after spending  so many days in one of the most remote regions on earth using a computer and the Internet feels so very very strange.

    It's not that remote. Iceland has 100% cellphone coverage http://www.vodafone.is/internet/farnet/utbreidsla/. I'd rather be lost in Iceland than in Nunavut. 2 million square kilometers and 30,000(+/-) people. That's 20 times the size of Iceland with 10% the population.


    The US, Canada and Russia all have regions orders of magnitude larger than Iceland in which you could get lost and die without anyone ever finding your body even with a dedicated search lasting a century or more.


    The more you know. The more you know.

  19. Broforce (a.k.a. Freedom Simulator 2014)


    AC > AC2 > AC3 ~ AC:B = AC:R

    Listening to some American broseph douche voice talking about how he's a deadly assassin more deadlier than any assassinses in the middle east during the crusades is too much, especially when everyone but American Broseph Douche (not a legitimate corner of the summer triangle,) talks with some sort of not-modern American standard accent, fake or not.


    CUT TO: American Broseph Douche in "MODERN DAY" whining about how he's just an ordinary "AMERICAN BROSEPH DOUCHE WHO DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS, I'M JUST A BARTENDING AMERICAN BROSEPH DOUCHE"



  20. They should just add a talent with a name like "thick-headed" that gives you head armor and removes the ability to wear a helmet or decreases your intellect. It's a win-win. Logic prevails.





    Add 'hide helmet' ! I'd like to fight wearing my helmet and removing it when things are quiet, or when talking to some villagers.


    ... it's only natural right ??!

    No, it isn't. If you don't want to wear one while talking to some villagers you take it off when talking to some villagers. Hide helmet options are not natural because it makes helmets invisible, it doesn't automatically equip and unequip them based on combat state. Helmets don't spontaneously become invisible when you put them on.

  21. Lets look again at the title "Dragon Age : Origin", by look at the title what do we expect? What i expect when looking at the cover are

    i. this game must be about dragons

    ii. this game is an intro of a bigger conflict regarding dragons because of the "origin"

    iii. this game is about the origin of dragons in the age of dragon

    But the game is nothing like what i expected


    Look at TES: Skyrim, i play Oblivion so i know a bit this and that about The Elder Scroll world. So in TES:Skyrim, just by looking at the cover i know it is about Skyrim...what Skyrim is about? Look at the dragon symbol, so it must be about DRAGON. So yes, it's true, it's about the return of a Dragonborn and the dragons in Skyrim




    So what the story is about? Dragons? Grey Wardens? Darkspawn? Thedas politic? In DA2, the story is about Mage vs Templar conflict......and DA:I is assumed about Illuminati save the day....

    Remember the part where the archdemon was a dragon? Oh yeah, remember how the dragon you saw on Skyrim is the Imperial heraldry/TES logo and not indicative of the game's content?


    I was going to ask what fallacious logic led to this conclusion but then I remembered you said you "debated this to death" on BSN, which explains pretty much everything. Pillars of Eternity is a game about souls, why aren't you angrily complaining that it's false advertising?

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