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    I lost my **** at

    iii. Most enemies are weird monsters i never meet, so they doing surprises that i never thought off or expecting because i never know that kind of a monster.

    I want to know how you dealt with the trauma of Portal's Portal mechanics, considering they are weird doors you never meet, so they doing surprises you never thought off or expecting because you never know that kind of a door.



    How do i know the frog-like monster will curse me when they blow up? And that curse half my health until i find a cure...and i am deep under sewer crawling with monsters have no idea how to or going where to end the curse......


    (oh, i know already of course)


    The same way you learn that goombas in Mario kill you when you run into them head-on.


    I actually still want to know how you suffered the insufferable cruelty of Portal.

  2. I lost my **** at

    iii. Most enemies are weird monsters i never meet, so they doing surprises that i never thought off or expecting because i never know that kind of a monster.

    I want to know how you dealt with the trauma of Portal's Portal mechanics, considering they are weird doors you never meet, so they doing surprises you never thought off or expecting because you never know that kind of a door.

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  3. Replayed The Walking Dead: Season 2. Kenny is seriously the worst. I hadn't noticed just how much of a creep he is the first time around, but the way he starts gleefully sniffing the afterbirth of a woman he doesn't know just confirms "WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE ALREADY, KENNY?!"



    Oh wait, he did die, when Clementine shot him and went on to live happily ever after (unless she continues as protagonist in S3,) with Jane. As will be the result this time, as well.


    Also Wellington is Junktown, but with snow. And the disastrous possibility of ****bird Kenny hogging the spotlight for a third consecutive "season."


  4. Hypothetichal question. If a women employer only hires men willing to sleep with her, but those men completly concent to the agreement, is that all right?

    Hypothetical question: What if foreveralones who feel entitled to women as objects simply because they are male, sitting in front of computers railing against the "vast feminist conspiracy" made a reasonable, good-faith attempt to understand what life is like for a woman, from a woman's perspective?


    Just kidding! Actually it's a rhetorical question because that's never going to happen.

  5. Why do you type like that?  It is unreadable.

    Such a failure of linguistic mores is deleterious to the intelligence of all those who write complete sentences, organize their writing in paragraph form, and have the cojones to use the Oxford Comma.



    Actually, funny story: The writing in Skyrim is dismal.

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  6. Hey man, Rangers like their veggies.  They are trying to maintain a balanced diet full of important vitamins and antioxidants.  :grin:

    I'd suggest the rangers take over the new ghost town of Highwater, except they're astoundingly incompetent so they'd probably start ****ting in the water supply and all die of cholera.


    Considering how they dealt with Ace's mishap, it's clear that these are not the heroes Arizona deserves.



    Hey, corpse retrieval unit, the vital mission equipment is like 15 meters away in a cave whose gravest threat is a large frog


  7. I find something to bitch about in Skyrim every time I play it. That's the magic of Bethesda, they can make a beautiful world full of rancid **** and somehow it's still enjoyable to varying degrees.



    hi,i wanted to rant some things on Skyrim,that were very annoying and broke immersion for me


      • 1)NPC are static
      • ,the npcs are the most static thing in the Skyrim universe,you can do whatever you want,kill Alduin,become leader of all guilds,and still they repeat the same lines over and over,like
        'once i've made enough money trading with the Khajit caravans i'm going to buy the bannered mare from Hulda' or '
        Do you get to the Cloud District very often?oh what am i saying of course you don't'
        'Welcome to the cozy little family,i'm one of the lookouts for the guild,i watch Delvin's back'
        the hell?couldn't you do more lines to greet the player instead of that? i don't care about those lines,make them speak about my accomplishments
        take the Thieves Guild NPCs
        they never get out from the Ragged Flagon,unless it's a scripted event that requires them to go somewhere and Vex says 'will you take a job or you're just gonna wander around all day?'
        says the woman that stays in a sewer 'inn' all day standing next to a wall or eating bread indefenetly



    Playing devil's advocate now. If it wasn't a Bethesda game, would you really care that much about NPCs sitting in one place and saying the same lines? It really is partly Bethesda's fault for raising expectations about their NPCs, but even so.


    Every open world/sandbox type game has the uncanny valley hidden in its geography.


    Moving on...


    The thieves' guild questline and everything associated with it is pure unmitigated garbage and the absolute worst part of Skyrim.


    Ok, the armor looks kind of cool, but that's what crafting mods are for.

  8. As for me, the game seems fine bugs wise but it does give me a blue screen of death that restarts my computer once and awhile. SCARY!

    I haven't experienced such a thing even in beta, but then again I have a fantastic rig that runs Metro: LL without a frame dropped. Brag, swag, pirouette and bow.


    I do believe there are *whirl* certain programmes intended to alleviate such issues available free of charge. *GRAND FLOURISH*

  9. - Trying out Skyrim and not really getting what the fuss is about.

    As with all Bethesda games, it's at its best when you're new to the game, just wandering around the landscape and discovering new sights, phenomena, etc., while it's at its worst when Bethesda's "writers" try to "write" "stories" and "characters" intended to be "interesting," "compelling," "deep" or such terms which denote some minute degree of value to the human brain in a narrative.


    I think I've said it before, but Bethesda's strong suit is level/"world" design and atmosphere; when it comes to actual depth of narrative and gameplay they falter or just fall flat on their figurative faces. i.e. They did an overall great job designing the "world" of Fallout 3, but mostly failed as far as populating it with decent stories and/or characters.


    If exploratin' an open world isn't your thing, then Bethesda should just be crossed off your list of developers whose games you're going to play.

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    That's really all there is to say on the subject, reasonably.



    Unreasonably, Marx and Engels were naive idealists who gave autocrats a nice new excuse for doing ****ty things, because giving out free grain like in ancient Rome wasn't cutting it in 19th century Europe. It's all demagoguery no matter how you slice it. Unless AIs or aliens conquer us and force social equality onto us with patrolling Terminators and systematic dominance of the economy, human society will always be hierarchical. In the pre-industrial world, wealth flowed to power; in the industrial/post-industrial world, power flows to wealth.



    Communism as envisioned by Marx and Engels was basically anarchy but everyone is benign, selfless and benevolent. Which is stupid, for reasons we should all be aware of. On the other side of the coin we have the fallacious anti-social philosophies of people like Rand. Both extremes are wholly ignorant of human nature and often willfully ignorant of all scientific evidence.

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  11. For some reason, the La-Mulana 2 kickstarter achieved a level of stealth technology unheard of, so I wasn't aware of it to back it. Probably because the original freeware game is so much better than the Wii remake version and its ports (I swear, the original MSX homage version is leagues above the remake outside of compatibility with operating systems beyond windows XP.) Still, the demo was fun and I will buy it and many curries to go with it.


    Warmachine Tactics, which I backed who knows how long ago, has promise, but like most early-access things I'm a bit leery of entering the metaphorical deep end of the (metaphorical) pool so I'm just going to sit on that like a hen on an egg until it (metaphorically) hatches.




    when i read the words "multiplayer" and "onine" i´m generally out of it. too bad, as the rest of the description would actually fit my taste.

    When I read the words "multiplayer" and "online" I start playing Team Fortress 2 and remind players that having a hat with stupid clouds of flies around it doesn't make you immune to explosions.

  12. Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Director's: Colon-err, Cut. I get the feeling the only reason it exists is to be a smartphone/tablet app and PC release is more of an afterthought than a primary intention. Still, the added content and character growth/customization for companions is a much bigger plus than the new UI meant for touch screens.

  13. Being a billionaire and not having to update Minecraft seems like an ideal situation for Notch.


    It's official.  Microsoft Buys Minecraft Maker Mojang for $2.5 Billion



    "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."


    So glad that I've never gotten into Minecraft, and so happy that millions of Minecraft dorks must be sobbing and contemplating suicide right now. :dancing:

    What's with the video? Why are you writing your post in English if you believe we all speak Spanish?

  14. Great suggestions, guys. :D I can't wait to do a blind hardcore run of this game. c:



    Ooh! Yes that is very good: I like the idea of not being able to change difficulty mid-game. :) But I think some players might complain if they've played for 20 hours yet can't get passed a fight. Maybe restrict changing difficulty in expert mode, trial of iron, and path of the damned?


    If possible I'd like to switch a bunch of options on and off, customising the game, rather than have it all be set from easy/normal/hard. Eclectic hardcore, yeh! :3

    Ask while you can. :D You don't ask, you don't get. ^w^



    There's been a lot of arguments over combat xp -- over the past several months :p. I thought about it, and I may not mind having no combat xp. In fact, if they add combat xp, they could make it optional maybe. :) I'd also like to disable the stash, because it feels like cheating (the items magically go to your bank/stash/vault and appear in every town?). Then again, if there isn't an option to disable it, I just won't use it anyway. *shrugs* (Umm, well, unless they throw numerous tiny quest items at us that would fill up a party inventory really fast, with no bags or pouches to carry little things in.)


    Combat XP

    - yes

    - no

    Expert mode = no combat xp



    - yes

    - no (disable)

    Expert mode = no stash

    There is no combat xp in any difficulty in PoE as it stands.

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