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  1. If your computer often doesn't power up at all then clearly the PSU is defective and needs to be replaced. Crashing during games could mean problems with your graphics card however since graphics cards also draw more power during gaming it's easy to see how a defective PSU can cause that too. You'll find out for sure once you've replaced the PSU.
  2. I think this is good news. If Bethesda were to make a Fallout game that has the same kind of bleak world as the original Fallout games, a gripping story, well written creative dialogue and plays like a first person shooter...then heck, i'd be all over that like white on rice. Then again i wouldn't complain if it had turn based combat either. I just don't care. When it comes to game combat my tastes are far and wide. I don't care if it's turn based or real time action. As long as it's polished and fun to play i'll get much enjoyment from it. My only worry is that Bethesda will somehow dumb the game down to unbearable levels like they did with Oblivion. No silly level scaling please.
  3. ??? What do you mean? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think he means is there anyone sane here who would approve of it?
  4. Oh wow. Just thinking about seeing that for real gives me goosebumps.
  5. My desktop with all its dirty little secrets. I just realized it looks like the angel is fighting a losing war against the invading desktop icon army.
  6. I wonder if the expansion pack is worth the purchase. 30 Euros for a 5 hour Expansion is a little too much for my taste though.... But yeah, the original FEAR still kicks ass. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'll purchase it when the price drops to 10 bucks cause from what i hear the expansion simply isn't worth what it costs now.
  7. F.E.A.R I love multiplayer shooters and usually find their single player parts boring, but F.E.A.R. is simply one of the most amazing gaming experiences i've ever had. If you love horror and shooting stuff, or just wanna see something pretty on your brand new ub4rPC then this is the game for you.
  8. I just realized i've played females in almost all RPGs i've played recently. In HotU i kinda accepted Valens romancing and darn he kept calling me "my love" for the rest of the game. That got a bit freaky pretty quickly. I never finished HotU. If i ever get around to replaying NWN2 it'll be with a male char i swear :ph34r: In multiplayer games like WoW and Guild Wars i always play males though.
  9. You repeat yourself however you have still failed to explain why the size of NWN2 savegames is stupid? Why can't savegames be 150MB in size in a world where 250GB drives are common in new desktop computers and cheap external hard drives make it easy to have extra storage room on any laptop or desktop for that matter? Do you know the reason why savegames are this particular size and if you do then please explain exactly what Obsidian has done wrong?
  10. I feel this is a very strange complaint and has more to do with your personal preferences and isn't a fault in NWN2. All new games i've played recently have also put their savegames under My Documents. This protects your savegames from other users and makes them easy to backup and copy when you reinstall windows or move to a new computer. Storing savegames under My Documents is actually a good thing for most users. If you must have so many savegames and antivirus gives you trouble then simply tell your AV software to ignore NWN2 savegame folder. Also if your AV software is decent and you act responsibly then there's no need to run scans so often that it would be any trouble no matter how long the scan runs. Leave it on while you go out for example. Btw if you're going to call something stupid then please at least explain why it's stupid. I don't know anything about the reasons behind those large savegame files but i'm curious.
  11. Oddly enough this is pretty close to how i would rate NWN2 so far :ph34r: I'm gonna have to give combat 7/10 though cause the way i play it, it's just too easy most of the time and i've been playing at the highest difficulty setting from the start. I'll admit i like to pause a lot though and take a more tactical approach towards battles. Also i'm a bit of a powergamer(not a min/maxer though) but i'd rate my powergaming effort so far as moderate. I haven't even bothered to put elemental damage enchantments on my weapons even though i have the required materials for some
  12. Seems like this guy doesn't like NWN2 at all and decided to point out every little fault in it that he could find. I agree that the interface needs polish and i'm surprised patches are needed to fix it. I'm also unhappy with the crappy pathfinding that sometimes prevents characters from reaching a location 15 feet ahead. AI could probably need work too but since i control all my companions i don't care. Everything else is pretty trivial and doesn't distract me from enjoying the game. As far as i'm concerned NWN2 is the best RPG in years
  13. I didn't even know the right mouse button does that until reading this thread. I've been using shift + right click cause i saw someone mention it on NWN2 boards and it brings up the menu without delay. I can't figure out why so many people are complaining about the camera control. It's exactly the same as in every other game with a similar view, at least as far as i can tell. You hold the middle mouse button and adjust it any way you like. Well maybe i'm so used to it due to spending obcene amounts of time playing WoW and constantly spinning the camera to spot potential threats. I still think it's by far the most efficient way to control the camera and everyone should try using it.
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