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  1. Happened me too in the lighthouse--4 party members, including the main character. It went away for companions after a few rests and/or reloads, but the main character still has the blinded icon next to him.
  2. They used to have Rob McGinnis until a couple of years ago. Looks like no one has stepped in to fill in his shoes.
  3. Has anyone gotten to run the patched game on WinXP Pro, 32-bit? I am eager to start playing the game for the first time, but hesitant to install the patch due to the problems I hear about. I have a UK version of the game if that matters.
  4. Good. I bought the game three days after release, but decided not to play it when I heard the rumors about a patch. Almost lost all hope for a patch when they announced that there will be no sequel. I guess my patience is paying off after all.
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