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  1. Q9 - not valid. Real answer is RPG - 1 Shooters - 3 Strategy - 5 all other - 10 sports and casual - 11
  2. I hope people will continue to play Project Eternity many years after they hurl their current displays in the trash.
  3. Worse without controller because developers not really bother to add good support for mouse+keyboard. And I hope will burn in very special developer's hell for it.
  4. It does. I hate Witcher 2 interface. And Wither 2 have no hardware mouse support. Witcher 1 was fine.
  5. So am I befor Alpha Protocol and the Witcher 2. And I last expect it from Obsidian and CD Projekt RED. Now I want to discuss it just in case.
  6. Worst part of Witcher 2 for me. They say haste is only good for catching fleas.
  7. So if I'm not agile enough I can't roleplay rogue? I can't agree.
  8. Yeah, no. I usually don't conversate and wait around for two minutes before I say something. I don't think my player charachter would either. (Or any sane human being) @DocDoomII Never had that problem, though I read very, very fast so I'm probably not the best sample. OK I say it again: RPG depens on my player character actions, intelligence, reactions, etc. not mine. Or I can roleplay only myself. And its not IMHO.
  9. Its against basic rule of RPG: my player character acts, not me. My english not good enough even to read real-time conversations. But my player character have no problem with that. So it good for arcade, not for RPG game.
  10. Real-time conversations - worst idea ever. My english not good enough to play this game at all.
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