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  1. No RES check. Give him the armour at the latest, when he says something like "... I ask ONE LAST time..." Then "...now do the same for Osric...." and finally "...are you really so stuck in your past that you need..." (or the like). He answers something like "...didn't see it that way..." and gives you the armour. Nevertheless, for the Knights you are now an associate of the Dozens. I'm not. The knights still gave me their quest line. Hmm... that's strange. Taking the armour from Penhelm should be the "point of no return", no matter if you got it peacefully or by force. But perhaps I am wrong, because I never took the armour and then talked to the knight commander. Maybe this way you can still get the quest of the knights, but then your career with the dozens is finished. Anyway, as far as I know it is impossible to get both main quests.
  2. No RES check. Give him the armour at the latest, when he says something like "... I ask ONE LAST time..." Then "...now do the same for Osric...." and finally "...are you really so stuck in your past that you need..." (or the like). He answers something like "...didn't see it that way..." and gives you the armour. Nevertheless, for the Knights you are now an associate of the Dozens.
  3. Sometimes the game makes it hard to decide who is "evil" and who is not. And then there are the obvious villains. Would you agree, when I say, that cooperating with the Doemenels is an act of ultimate badness?
  4. There is at least one more of these shady figures: The animancer in Raedric's dungeon, Osrya. Does anyone see a reason to let her go, assumed you play from "chaotic good" to "lawful good"?
  5. A joke of course, but one that gives me nightmares.... I am totally convinced, that there are devs out there with just one thought: REVENGE for bad critiques, flames on forums, non-acceptance of their work etc. etc. And that joke up there could be "The Revenge of the Misjudged Narrator"... a "companion" with decreasing stats and increasing annoyance-factor, something like that N00ber from BG 1...
  6. I can't see the problem... Take ANY song-performance of the currently popular "stars", snip out one second and there: Your barbaric yell. Because it's just a second or even a bit less, there aren't even license costs! Because of the abundance of performances they could even make it for every voice-set. Alternative: Make the backers yell. Those with the best receive a yeller-badge for the forum.
  7. How different the tastes are I love voice overs, especially the mystic one in this game, because she speaks with a lisp.
  8. Why? If you listen, they all have their "battle sounds", not only based on gender, but even on the chosen voice-set.
  9. Believe me: Take the right moment, do the right things, have a microphone ready and EVERY female person would deliver a good yell. Even those, who are not from the US...
  10. You think, the ladies of OBSIDIAN are unable to yell? Unbelievable! They're from the US, they invented yelling!
  11. Finally I was there again. Save: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00745514205158813145 Output-log http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=47242352088540861780
  12. After playing the game once, shortly after release, I checked for mods. Take this as a compliment: I'm only using two. One let's me use portraits, reviving old memories of great games of past years (IWD, BG etc.) the other lets me scroll a bit more into the scene. When I did this the first time I was really baffled, when I saw all the love you've invested in this game. No heaps of pixels, no blurry contours, just pretty and detailed displays of our characters and their gear. I could go on with the description of more outstanding features, but in the meantime I guess anything has been mentioned by other forum-participants. There is but one thing which throws me out of my immersion: The female barbarian. Although I like the class in this game, I simply can't play it because of the yell. She yells with the same "voice" like the male barbarians. This has two counter-productive effects: 1) In battles with enemies, who have many barbs themselves (like certain cultists) it is impossible to tell, who yells ... and there is quite a lot of yelling. 2) I simply can't stand it, when a female uses a male voice. The immersion-thing... Now I ask: Would it REALLY be so bloody expensive and / or costly in terms of labour to let one of your office-ladies yell into a mike and implement this in the game? If you could do this, I would include the yelling lady in my night prayer. Thanks in advance!
  13. Let's continue wit these ambiguous persons: What is your way to handle this animancer named Caedman Azo? Will you discredit him, when you are asked by the statue-director or will you say "...he tried to help..." ?
  14. The same about Penhelm, the guy with the armour of Osric from the Dozens. When he waits outside of Hadret House and I tell him that his leader has to know, he says something like "...I ask you ONE LAST TIME....". In some games I just give him the armour, sometimes I take the fight. Normally, with an attitude like that he deserves to be punished, even when I play the good girl, right?
  15. Well, as I wrote, I did the Knight's quest. When I spoke with the Dozens' leader again, he called me a lackey of the knights and refused any more cooperation (of course I knew that due to previous games). It would be a pity, because they must be somewhere...
  16. Whenever I enter the building of the Dozens the first time and see these arrogant thugs marching out, I can't wait to ...see them again. In my current game I did the quest for the knights and thus, can't do the one for the Dozens. Question: I don't care about that spear or the entire Lle a Rhemen - thing. The only thing I'd really want is to find a way to ...see these thugs again. Are they gone for ever or will I have an opportunity later?
  17. I stick to it: Immunities are - at least for living beings - cheap nonsense. High resistances - yes, but that's it. I've seen too many so called boss- / end-fights with a screen filling list of "immunities", degrading the entire group at least to auto-attackers if not make them entirely useless. Of course I can load a previous game, respec, equip different gear etc. But that's meta-gaming, not only in my opinion close to cheating. A well designed encounter should be either winnable without meta-gaming OR the group dies, because the player failed to develop them good enough for harder enemies - in other words: He gimped them (example: I saw a paladin / rogue / wizard in a D&D-MMO...) Well, start over and do better. (Please spare me the flames... I am aware that I am rather alone with that opinion).
  18. Oh? I never cared, because I thought this is kind of a revenge or the like. But ok, anything seems to be right. Thx
  19. In none of my games I even talked to the Doemenels. I always sided against them. And it was always like this: I accept Verzano's quest "At all costs". Pallegina appears, says her lines, I respond "I intend to protect him", Pallegina answers "do as you will" and leaves. I go to Goose and Fox, deliver the package and fight the thugs, led by Danna. Danna dies, I win. I go back to Ondra's Gift, talk to the merchant, Pallegina appears, says her lines again and leaves. 2nd squad of Doemenel's thugs appear, I fight, merchant is thankful and gives me the pistol as reward. Now, in a new game the last part was missing. After Pallegina left, I could just tell the guy, that Danna is dead, he gives me the pistol and runs away. Question: A new bug or a change of the story?
  20. With ".... must have a chanter..." do you mean 1) The main must be one 2) There must be one in the party? Am I right if I say, that the field triage must also be on main and not just on someone else in the party?
  21. Oh, until now I thought a knockdown is a hit or miss attack.... how could I "graze" with a knockdown?
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