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  1. What a pity, however thanks for your reply. Nonetheless I'm looking forward to try out the new TSLRCM 1.8 .
  2. I've just seen there is TSLRCM 1.8, and maybe some 'retro gaming' would be it. Now I'm wondering if there is a compatible mod that gives darkside points instead of lightside points and vice-versa. So when doing good things you would become evil. Is this possible at all? I know there are similar cheats and save-game editors too, but that's not really convenient... And if you are wondering why... Assumed a Jedi is like Sherlock Holmes, a Sith should behave like Dr. Mortimer - and not like an brainless rioter 'darkly rewarded' for his snappish answers.
  3. Well, thanks - i've expected some music/acoustic but this really sounds terrible or even broken... In this context i've noted that this MP3 file has been encoded with Lame 3.82 (made ~10 years ago), so either somebody should definitely update his Lame codec now or this is a relict from the Black Isle Studios resp. Icewind Dale...!?
  4. ...or that you can see through objects because - if the game is natively designed as top-down-viewed - there may be no textures on the ground side of some objects (or any default/debug texture maybe). And the performance of course...: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...p;#entry1123320 When i remind similar complaints in DS1/DS2 it was basically a performance problem too - lower camera angles, higher camera/zoom-out or pushed-back fog had an instant impact on the frame rate. Meanwhile PCs got (much) stronger so it shouldn't be an performance problem anymore. Nonetheless there is sometimes still a visibility related map problem - the trigger placement. I'm not sure how it works in DS3, but in DS1/DS2 some triggers (as soon as loaded/visible on the map) assume eg. the player to be within a certain range, and if you change the sight/loading range now such triggers eventually don't work as they should. So if variable sight/loading ranges haven't been considered from the beginning, it might cause afterwards a lot of extra work for the QA... However a 'use-it-at-your-own-risk' setting to tweak the camera distance/angle (in the game options or in a config file) surely would help to make the game more attractive. At least with the camera perspective seen so far i wouldn't be happy neither.
  5. Maybe you should start with the 8 resp. 6 party members, number/type of stats and character development (how classes grow), control scheme, ... Look, frankly, Dungeon Siege doesn't even HAVE a 'feel'. DS1 and DS2 were quite different, and DS3 is different again (for the better, based on what little I've played so far). But what I really wanted to point out is that, while I agree with Pidesco, he is a moderator, not an Obsidian employee. Please don't misinterpret his comments as coming from Obsidian. Quite different... !??? I could imagine that many DS1/DS2 gamers won't share this point of view - specially when facing this DS3.
  6. That's not only in the interest of the hardcore. It's a general expectation that DS3 will combine the best of DS1 and DS2, namely similar or improved (from DS1+DS2 player's perspective!) gameplay, hero levelling, party member features, interface/inventory, controls, camera, etc... If Obsidian is changing too much then DS1+DS2 players surly will ask if/why they made a totally different game and just copied the game title and some references on previous story...
  7. The hotkey support of DS1 was very good (fully introduced with the LoA addon). Of course DS1 and DS2 were 'point & click' which allowed you to have the left hand free for all actions (when i'm right, the camera too could be rotated by moving the cursor while pressing the mouse wheel!?). Actually you didn't need many hotkeys for melee or ranged heroes, but for mages they were extremely useful. The hotkeys gave you instant access to all 12 spells in the spellbook - and if somebody thinks nobody really needs 12 speed during combat, then he probably never havs played a nature mage in DS1. With e.g. (shift) A/S/D/Y/X/C you could put all attacking/cursing/healing/buffing actions right below your fingers
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