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  1. Har. But Black Isle already dissolved once. We don't need that again.
  2. It's fully possible they never implemented a transfer feature. But transferring data from one game to another isn't the only way to let you continue with the story branch you chose. If there is a sequel, the game could ask you a series of questions before starting, and depending on your answers the game changes. (the major choices that will have an impact on the sequel, like what major characters are dead/alive etc.) That's pretty cheesey, though. "Okay, before we let you play, let's ask you a few things: Did you kill of x character and prevent y event?"
  3. Thanks alot for your comment You've caught some of the things I had a lil' fun with, glad someone tough it was good enough to pay attention! On Wen is dead: actually Wen was never blamed for the death of Ronald Sung in my story, since Heck never framed him. Instead Thorton was blamed for the murder. (im pretty sure this happens if Heck dislikes you, either way I wanted to add it to the story for a comical/sinister Heck moment) On M.Thorton is bad at telling time: He was clearly mesmerized by the hot mute chick and forgot all about such a silly concept as "time" ;-P Thanks for r
  4. Comments on fanfic: That was a pretty good story. Captured all the personalities pretty well. Mike being his usual smug self, Albatross being his mysterious self, Sis being her quiet and innocent self, and Heck being... uh... adjectives just can't describe him. Anyways, it's a pretty good story. Would love to see where else the wacky adventures of Michael Thorton take him in the mysterious lands of fanficiton. Personal thoughts:
  5. ... *goes to open mouth, but abruptly closes it again* ... *attempts again, but again abruptly closes it* ... *finally gets a few words out* How... why... who... the internet is a horrible place some times.
  6. Sweet! Finally, some AP fanfiction goodness. Been looking for this. There's no section for AP on FF.net... yet.
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