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  1. I keep seeing this as a counter-argument to the preferential treatment given to "content creators" and it might have some merit if every backer got a beta key but you have to pledge at or above the $110 level or pledge an extra $25 specifically for the key. And while I don't know about the latter, only 7,615 out of 73,986 backers (i.e. about 10.3%) pledged at or above $110 so my guess would be that the vast majority of backers were excluded from the beta and didn't get to experience the game before anyone let alone people that were given keys for no other reason than they've been playing Citie
  2. No key but I did find some thieves' tools in the last room ... !
  3. Is it wrong to have the Steam Product Activation dialog open ready to receive my PoE key?
  4. 54 people playing it right now: https://steamdb.info/app/291650/graphs/
  5. I don't mind waiting right up to or even past the release date if that's what it takes. But giving keys to streamers before your backers (if that is what OEI have in fact done) is pretty low.
  6. Rob can you indicate which of the scripting functions are native functions (i.e. in nwscript.nss) and which are derived functions (i.e. in an include file)?
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