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  1. Points to Alpha Protocol for having an Asian important character who was only a little bit of a racial stereotype. As for her personality... I knew something was up with her from the way the Kill Shaheed mission ended. But I ended up liking her because she seemed like she stuck to her principles--do good for America, kill as few people as possible, don't make a scene.
  2. I have this problem with other games when I forget to run the game as an administrator on my computer.
  3. The aggressive stance has been the only way to avoid the alarm at the beginning on my playthroughs of the Nasri mission. The direct (professional) approach gets you caught--the alarm sounds at a certain point soon after the beginning of the level. I also wanted to confirm that arresting Nasri does not count as an enemy alert.
  4. I kind of liked the smaller scale of the Moscow plot. Stopping World War III, preventing presidential assassinations, etc.... I do this in pretty much every other game. Dealing with an arms trading network where legitimate and illegitimate organisations meet, that's more real world and at least tried to deal with morally grey issues with slightly more complex political motives. Besides, the whole interaction between profit and patriotism fit the theme of the entire game much better than some of the other story arcs.
  5. In defense of Madison: Did you guys even try to piss her off? Did you ever read "Tess of the D'Ubervilles?" My position has always been that it's four hundred pages of horrible, spineless whining and two pages of awesome at the end. Similarly, no matter how insipid Madison seems, it's all worth it when she beats the ever living crap out of Mike. I like a woman who snaps and tries to kill me, unsuspecting. Don't you?
  6. Not true. I've failed with aggressive and professional. They call Surkhov to confirm your appointment and he doesn't like what he sees... Veteran works. It may be related to your relationship with Grigori and the report he passes along to Surkhov and the embassy.
  7. I managed to unlock both of these in the PC version and my experience makes me think: The missions I did with no alerts were "Bug Al-Samad Airfield," "Find Nasri the Arms Dealer," and "Bug CIA Listening Post." They're all relatively easy to accomplish that way and they all avoid events where detection is inevitable. Good luck.
  8. I have to ask, has everybody been triggering the alarm in that last area? Whenever I can't get the gate to open, moving in front of a turret or picking a fistfight with one of the guards out there causes the gate to open as the men inside come to reinforce.
  9. Hey, I managed to get around this in two different playthroughs. No guarantees (this is going to sound stupid, I'm warning you), but the difference for me was skill. If you get Peter van der Graaf in big chunks, it locks. Zooming way in and swinging back and forth over his head, so that the ID bar fills in lots of little pieces has helped me get around this twice---it almost seems like the sound file activates before I reach 100% either when I move off the target or back on it. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, as if it wouldn't matter. But it seems to have worked for me twice. First off, played through three times, bought both pieces of intel in all three. No modifications to any game files. First time, did not experience this bug. The second time, I experienced the lock on Peter van der Graaf but merely loaded, IDed him and went on my merry way. The third time, I got stuck and experimented. What finally worked for me was the swingy method. I'd love to hear if I'm a crackpot or if this worked for anybody else. At the very least, I hope it won't hurt for people to try.
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