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  1. I haven't tried using G22 as my final handler, but I've heard you can get Sis to help you out at the very end if you pick Albatross to be your handler. I'm doing my "kill everybody" play through right now, so Sis was executed & is only helping the fishes now.
  2. I finally got it as well. I made sure to do hand to hand take downs & to never shoot more than four people with tranquilizer ammo. I did the Nasri mission, the Al-Samad air field mission, & the Taipei warehouse mission to get it to go off finally.
  3. Hmmm. Since it specifically stated no more than five *killed*, I figured tranq'ing them would be fine... Ah well, have to try it again... with feeling. lol Finally got the achievement to pop. I made sure to do hand to hand take downs on as many people as possible & avoided shooting more than four people with tranquilizer rounds.
  4. Hmmm. Since it specifically stated no more than five *killed*, I figured tranq'ing them would be fine... Ah well, have to try it again... with feeling. lol
  5. Well crap. That means I blew the warehouse mission in Taipei since I used the Sound Generator to get the guys down from the roof. No alarms raised there, but it obviously set the guys to "yellow" alert.
  6. I received the Perk of "Unseen Presence" which states "You completed 5 missions wherein you killed less than 5 enemies, and no alarms were raised." This granted me the "Enemy Sight Range -5%" bonus, but I never got the achievement for "One With the Shadows", which is supposed to unlock after completing 3 missions with less than 5 enemies killed & no enemies alerted to your presence. Has this happened to anyone else? EDIT: Or does getting the achievement specifically require that no enemies ever go beyond "green" for their status?
  7. I only had the automatic checkpoint save & tried loading it from the menu, exiting to the main menu & hitting resume, & quitting to the dashboard & coming back into the game from there. None of them made him respawn downstairs. Also, the guard on the roof was 100% friendly when I went out there after it started the mission to protect Surkov, so he's only "hostile" before then for whatever reason. I'm guessing it's a minor oversight more than "functioning as intended". PS: I hate this mission on hard...
  8. I encountered this issue, where the icon flashes & never activates when you have basic Awareness. It worked fine during my first playthrough, then quit working during my second playthrough when using the Veteran background & starting off with the skill immediately. Once I upgraded to Advanced Awareness, it started working again since it was "always on".
  9. Yes, I realize I should have created a manual save somewhere in the level, but I was *very* engrossed in the game & forgot to. Level: Moscow Embassy Background: Veteran Difficulty Level: Hard Handler: Mina & SIE Intel Purchased: All Entry method to the Embassy: Used the Veteran dialog option to bluff my way in & make the Embassy guards assist me. Went through the entire level without issues & all the checkpoints were fine, right up until the very last one where you have to protect Surkov. I approached the waypoint on the ground floor, where it states he's going outside, but will need your assistance to survive. Since I purchased the sniper rifle dead drop, I ran upstairs to get onto the rifle & try to take out the enemies using that. Unfortunately Surkov died part way into the mission & it reset to the last checkpoint the game created. Unfortunately, the checkpoint was not the one on the lower level, but rather was with me outside the door leading to the roof & Surkov had vanished from the lower level. It still said I needed to meet up with him again & had the waypoint downstairs in front of the doors, but he was gone & could not be located. The final protection mission could not be triggered by any method I was aware of. I believe this is related to another bug that happens in the Embassy. If you bluff your way in using the Veteran method & then use the door to exit onto the roof, all the Embassy guards suddenly turn hostile towards you & start attacking you. There seems to be an issue with the indoor/outdoor transition when using that doorway at any point during the Embassy mission. If necessary, I can attempt to reproduce the issue again & pull it off of my XBOX360 using a USB stick in order to provide a copy of the save game for debugging.
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