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  1. Getting Master Awareness fixes the problem, but I wasn't planning to spend that many points in Stealth...
  2. I encountered this issue, where the icon flashes & never activates when you have basic Awareness. It worked fine during my first playthrough, then quit working during my second playthrough when using the Veteran background & starting off with the skill immediately. Once I upgraded to Advanced Awareness, it started working again since it was "always on". It seemed to stop working about the time I upgraded to basic awareness. I'll try master awareness and see if that helps.
  3. Has anyone found a workaround for the awareness bug? (This is the bug where the awareness icon flashes briefly and awareness doesn't work. http://alphaprotocol.wikia.com/wiki/Alpha_Protocol_bugs) It's exasperating not having awareness working any more. It just stopped working all of a sudden. I reloaded all my checkpoints, tried clearing the cache, removing various equipment, but no luck. It's rather extraordinary this got through q&a on the xbox. I nearly sold the game after the ridiculous moscow embassy mission end battle; this is strike two. Thanks, Mark
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