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  1. Leaches: They could be mini bosses that lived in a certain area. You would need special gear to make it through their territory undetected or be willing to fight them. Kinda like the wolf spiders.
  2. They should add character customization or at least a wider variety of choices
  3. I would like to see more animals; maybe frogs, field mice, dragonflies; a garden snake; or butterflies Seasons or weather would be cool too
  4. that would make things a lot easier
  5. They could spawn near water, be used to craft snow gear, and their reeds could be used for building
  6. different seasons could bring different challenges and benefits (winter: snow, Fall: leaves for crafting, Summer: heat, Spring: more plants, baby bugs, and rain the weather would provide benefits and challenges too, rain could increase water supply but do damage making there a need for rain armor or structures, and snow could make things cold and slow moving but be used to craft desert gear, be stored to make water, be used to preserve food, and cool off the sandbox. There could also be flooding in some areas...
  7. Crickets: They could bounce around and take bites out of you if you hurt them. They could also drop legs that could be used to craft jumping boots Dragonflies: They could hunt mosquitos and they could drop wings that could be crafted into some sort of backpack glider. Frogs: they could be pretty tough and live in the water. Obsidian could add in rain and frog hide could be used to craft an umbrella or some sort of rain armor
  8. It could be a boss and live in tall grass or something. Maybe they could add in some sort of rodent and have rodent bones around the snake hole. The arena could be in the hole
  9. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could make your own character or at least have a wider selection of names and appearances?
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