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  1. 13 minutes ago, Gorth said:

    That's how I feel when walking home from the gym 😂


    (to be fair to myself, being not just 30+ but mid fifties I give myself some slack in that regard, some things just were easier at 20, including recovery times for my body)

    I feel jealous they can raise the beers to their mouths without wincing in pain :p

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  2. 2 hours ago, Gorth said:

    I never had the nerves for Ponzi schemes. Which is really what crypto currencies are. As long as you can get someone else to join the bandwagon, you make a profit. Eventually, when reality knocks on the door and it collapses, there are no gold or currency reserves to support it and those at the end of the food chain are left penniless. In the meantime, it's great for money laundering and tax avoidance (the last big hit Bitcoin took was when China outlawed crypto currencies and a number of wealthy Chinese suddenly had to either pay bribes tax or divert their income to overseas trust accounts

    A vast number of online blackmail is handled with cryptocurrencies too, so it's a big enabler there.

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  3. @Gfted1 No, not really from what I understand, though she didn't go into a whole lot of detail. The physical therapy is just to strengthen the other tendons around I suppose.

    @Raithe You could look into hockey equipment I think. Either online, but it'd be better to go to a shop and look at it. The hockey gear I had never bothered me, even during really long training days while on hockey camp.

    @Guard Dog That was a really amazing read 😃

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  4. 38 minutes ago, kanisatha said:

    Actually my doctor and audiologist said it was an option, but they strongly advised keeping it as the very last option because putting in the implants means destroying your inner ear bits. Cost I do not know specifically other than that it is very expensive. But even for my hearing aid, which is a fancy programmable device that more than ten years ago cost something like $2,500+, my insurance covered everything including all the tests and other doctor/audiology visits and I had to pay only a total of about $700 myself. Seemed eminently reasonable.

    Hearing aids are a bit complicated here, you can get ones for free, but they're old models, but if you decide to get a new good one you get a varying amount of money from different regions in Sweden, between 1000-3500 sek is paid for by the region and the cost above is out of pocket, and then you add in varying costs for fitting, 350SEK to 1500SEK. It's a bit of a mess.

    I can't find any mention anywhere that cochlearimplants costs anything here, it would be the normal 100-300 SEK cost for a doctors visit i suppose.

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  5. 2 hours ago, kanisatha said:

    @Azdeus, yeah, the prospect of eventually becomming completely deaf is indeed my nightmare. To never again be able to hear all the voices and sounds I've come to love hearing. To lose a major part of my independence. I love my music collection (have about 250+ CDs) and I play my CDs as often as I can because I'm sad of one day not being able to hear them. At least now I can close all the windows in my house and turn up the volume a lot and in that way reasonably appreciate them. I also think my brain doesn't really 'hear' those old songs I love so much as it *remembers* them and that feels like I'm hearing them.

    @rjshae, you are so right! I have the same problem with people speaking from behind a mask. I think some people who normally don't mumble do so when speaking from behind a mask for some reason. That's why even though my university has allowed us to return to the classroom I have chosen to claim a disability accommodation to remain with remote teaching, because at least on Zoom I can turn on closed captioning and somewhat follow what my students are saying.

    I assume from what you've described to me that cochlear implants aren't really on the table for you either, or is it just a cost thing seeing as you're from the US?

  6. 6 hours ago, kanisatha said:

    Though the causes may be different, it sounds like we actually face the same condition, though clearly a worse case for you. So sorry.

    For me also it is less an issue of volume and more an issue of discerning one voice from a babble. So if one person is speaking to me, while relatively closeby, and there's no ambient sound, I can here pretty well with my hearing aid. But with even a little ambient sound, or if it is an electronically generated sound, my hearing aid doesn't help much at all. I hear the sounds, but cannot distinguish words.

    Did you ever consider cochlear implants?

    Thank you, but I don't know if I agree there, I've never had hearing on one ear, but you've had and lost, my worst nightmare is literally gradually losing my hearing.

    Yeah, and there are certain frequencies that are just a no go at all, I've got a female coworker with a really bright voice and my coworkers hear her all the time over engine noises and what not. I have a hard time hearing her when an electric car drives by...

    I did look into it, but they don't recommend it, since I've never had hearing I've never really developed a sense of hearing at all on that side so from what I was told the brain would just not comprehend the signals. And since I'm only deaf on one ear, they haven't done any research to see if it gives "any tangible benefit" whatever that means.

    6 minutes ago, rjshae said:

    I have some hidden hearing loss myself. The worst though is speaking to some guy who is wearing a mask and doesn't enunciate well. It basically comes out as, "Blah-blah blah blabab and blah bah-lah. Okay?"

    Oh yeah, this pandemic has been a pain, I've done alot of doctors visits, and I've got a genetically runny nose or something, it never really stops, so I've always been put in the "corona-patient-room", and doctors wear both a mask and shield which makes it basically impossible to follow along on what some of them say.

  7. 1 hour ago, kanisatha said:

    Interesting. My condition (hereditary) is that the small hairs start lying down flat suddenly at some point in time, for me in my early forties. It is much more sever in one ear than the other, so I can use a hearing aid in the "good" ear to hear somewhat. But it took me a while for my brain to adjust to hearing only the good sound signals from one ear and disregarding the bad signals from the other ear. But this also means I now hear only in mono, which has its own issues.

    Damn, sorry to hear that man. 😕

    I've got some luxury in that I was born with it, I still have a form of "stereo" hearing though it's bad, but since I don't have any practicable hearing on my right I don't get any benefit of a hearing aid at all. Still, in an environment with multiple noises I can barely hear people speak, I've got a real hard time separating once from the other.

  8. 6 hours ago, InsaneCommander said:

    There are people in Africa that can distinguish subtle variations of green that we would never notice, but still don't have a word for blue. Perception is also shaped by language.

    It's not directly related to this, but something I found very interesting when it comes to Swedish sign language, it's how you sign for the colour blue;



    In Sweden you point to underneath your right eye, and tap. Historically alot of people in Sweden have had blue eyes, though I don't think that is quite as true anymore 😂

  9. So my friend told me about LA by Night, and he praised it alot. It's a videocast of people playing Vampire, the storyteller is an employee of White Wolf and there are alot of references to Vampire Bloodlines, so I figured some people here might find it interesting aswell

    I have to say that Alexander Wards voice sounds alot like one of the radio voices from the game, it could be lifted straight out of it. I think it's one of the radio voices he is sparking recognition from 🤔

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  10. 25 minutes ago, Chilloutman said:

    Should have skipped all those punk concerts :)

    Haha, if that was the case I'd have had hearing on that ear at one point :p I was born without the small hairs in my cochlea so I never had any hearing on one side, I don't know how the brain would react to suddenly getting signals from the ear 🤔

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