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  1. You're referring to a smart code./QR Code. But yeah the technical term is Datamatrix. And you can simply use an iphone (some phones also can do it) http://mobile.kaywa.com/qr-code-data-matri...ode-reader.html http://blog.airsource.co.uk/index.php/2009...ncing-optiscan/ Easiest way would be to point Mike towards the camera, take a screenshot, print it out and then photograph it on the paper because I think screens may cause some distortion.
  2. - Better Collision Detection, especially on hard mode.. enemies can not only see through walls a lot of the time, they can also shoot you and when you try to fly kick them in the face they spin around- sometimes stomping on people causes them to go through walls as well.
  3. I'm wondering what position he was within the company, does anyone know? I could understand it if he's a QA (since I am one) but seriously I wouldn't go as far to slander a product that was technically still under NDA. What makes me think he's a QA is that after about a full year working on the one title, you end up REALLY annoyed with it.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 4 10.0 enough said. (in other words I agree).
  5. There's someone in the community trying to port it to the latest source engine- so yeah major gameplay fixes should be possible once its accomplished, its just only the maps have been imported at this stage from the looks of things (well going by the demo they showed). Meanwhile yeah, I get the same vibe as I did with Vampire, so hence my efforts to get a mod SDK for this game- because the VTMB community did some miracle work on the game- and I can only hope that the same can be done for AP.
  6. This is mainly aimed towards any of Obsidian's Community managers that may be around the forums. Please inform Obsidian about my request because I feel that its in the best interests of the product and the company to implement this else you run a risk of potentially not being able to turn the negative press around- now you've got to rely on word of mouth and the best way to accomplish this is via user created modifications to the game. Obsidian has created a game that at this point in time has divided the international gaming community in two, with some people loving the concept of Alpha Protocol and that its definitely acceptable enough to be considered a decent game, but with others saying that they expected much much better than this from a developer as prestigious as the ex-black isle developers Obsidian Entertainment. Suffice to say that if you continue supporting the game it could be some time before the game is in a position to be considered widely acceptable by the masses, and also some people may not like the choices you guys make on your end- the game design is a bit odd with this game in parts but works in others. Some gamers will like certain aspects, whilst others will hate certain aspects.. it could be a case where in the end you can't make anyone happy, so I suggest a "we'll try to please you.. but if we can't then here's some tools if you think you can implement them yourself" and there's a lot of technically minded gamers out there and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to include them in a community that could potentially save your product from failure. I find myself really enjoying this game and I can see the potential the game has. A lot of people however have mixed feelings on what has been done and I respect their opinions so long as they aren't blatantly bashing the game for no good reason. The game has flaws yes and I think they should be addressed by the company and by the fans if possible where ever possible (Because the company could do it a way that the fans don't particularly agree with). Obsidian is very familiar with mod tools, NWN2 had pretty good mod support and tools. And we've also seen how the Kotor 2 community absolutely went nuts modding the game to hell and back- reimplementing the parts that you guys are Obsidian left out. So I think that's enough evidence to prove that its a very wise move here.. people would definitely be motivated to improve this game as well. I think including the community in the development of the game for the future as well as continuing to support the game for hopefully more than 12 months would be a very wise decision in the end- simply put you've got to win a lot of the public back. Releasing an SDK would ensure that even after you guys have called it a day for the Alpha Protocol franchise, the players would still be able to keep the game alive and evolving. So please consider this, because it could ultimately save the game in the end. Thanks. Also everyone is allowed to post their comments below my post about their opinions of mod tools. Telling the developer what you'd like to change, edit and create would be enough evidence to ensure this becomes a reality. EDIT: also I want to make it very clear that I expect Obsidian to obligatorily provide support for their game in the future- if they don't that's just plain unethical.
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