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  1. I would say yes, because I have that perk and I never leave anyone standing. To be safe just go with the melee takedowns.
  2. You know your PC will love you for hooking it up to that TV. Plus the PC can actually run games in 1080.
  3. Is anyone else shocked at just how much variation there is in this game? Reviews for this game are actually completely useless because in their rush to get scores out they've missed out on the biggest and best part of this game.
  4. I've found the gadgets to be most useful on the second play through. I roughly remember ambush parts and set up traps accordingly. It is greatly satisfying when you can just stand there and people are dying around you with your intervention. If you could use shadow operative and place traps it would be good.
  5. There is just so little you can do to custmoize your character, 4 hair styles and some beards. No clothes, no colour choices for the clothes/armor you have. Armor upgrades change nothing except the stats. The guns are what really dissapoint me though. No matter what sight, grip, frame, barrel you use you get the same look. I mean why is the pistol laser sight display as a scope? (What makes this dissapointing is that I saw pre-release videos of pistols with under-barrel laser sights) And if you choose a scope or a refelx sight for a rifle or smg you just get both on there. It's shame that this small issue exists because I love the rest of the game. The story is good, the characters are memorable. And for all the talk of dated graphics and shoddy animations, I was pleasently surprised to find that the graphics were perfectly acceptable, it's no Crysis but to my eye it looks to be roughly on par with other UE3 RPGs. The AI, while a little lax sometimes, do the job of killing you admirably when they do realise you just shot their buddy. So in short, I love this game, but pleas get some decent DLC out that improves customization and adds new a safehouse with a new operation. That would be woth paying for, not some rubbish map pack other companies try and sell.
  6. Yes, indeed. Funny, I was reading The Hound of The Baskervilles last night. Just got to the bit where Lestrade turns up.
  7. From past experience all of the .NET Frameworks were a bugger to install properly on W Vista (I haven't had need to install them on W7) but it did fix a lot of CTD, so that too might be worth a go. Ah...the joys of PC gaming.
  8. Yes, I've tried that but it makes no difference, I still get the same error. I've also tried to uninstall and reinstall the "Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable", using both the file found on the game CD as well as the one from the Microsoft website - no luck there either. This really puzzles me as I've encountered no problems whatsoever running other games on this system... not until now, that is. Have you tried the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable? EDIT: Also did you try the x86 or x64 version of 2005? Might be worth a go.
  9. Yatzee is usually fun but rarely insightful. When is the last time any video game review was insightful? This is the truth.
  10. This is what happens when a developer manages to get the PC version out at the same time (or earlier) as the console version. Not to mention its only
  11. Most games look pretty similar on both consoles, but they have pretty similar hardware overall, so it is to be expected. PC all the way for me. PS3's and 360's cry when they see my black, steel monster, towering over them. Nah, in truth I'm just more fingers than thumbs, so mouse and keyboard suits me better.
  12. What is your friends PC specs? Do other games crash? Has he/she tried installing and running the game with admin rights? Tried running it in XP SP2/3 or Vista/1/2 compatability mode? Tried all graphics on low? Nothing overheating? There are just sooooooo many things, need more info sorry.
  13. I think there is a great difference between looking at what people have done, and having the experience of doing it yourself. I could say that Bioware had the luxury of looking at what Gears of War did right, and adding their own RPG twist to it. I've seen loads of bands live, but I was still a nervous wreck when it came to my first gig. Their is no substitute for experience. @Oner, I haven't seen that. It's just something that struck me as unfair. While I don't think your comparison is totally fair I understand what you're trying to say. Understanding is all that I should wish for.
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