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  1. Sorry it has taken so long to get a reply sorted. Life and work In this day and age, you can not bring out a "slap shot" style of game like this and get great scores, infact wasting a idea is worse. Think of this, in this day and age we have games with nearly all types of system. AP came out with a mindbogglingly good conversation system (that i will admit i doubted the heck out of because how exactly a stance conveys what i want to say is beyond me, its easy to misread), it fell short of the GAME part of a game. While you are able to look past things, you also have to admit the faults are there and DO effect gameplay greatly. For instance, using the line "Pistols get better after 10 points" is a EXCUSE no matter what way you cut it. I understand that with no points, you are untrained and you are building up a skill but i don't think the game should realistically depicted the idea that im a total spaz with a pistol and there for can't hit crap until ive suffered to get it up to a good level. Use your head and think about it logically. If your making the main hero a total newbie from the start of the game and giving his skill level that level of "grace", why would you let this guy do ANY missions?. Let's also remember another fact i bet you all didn't know, 90% of all reviews are reviewed based on hard mode first before normal. Reason? Reviewers play more games then normal, there for find normal too easy and not a real depiction of a game. Hard mode in AP is broken and for people who say others, stop making excuses and accept it. Enemy AI and the weapons make it insanely hard to even pass some of the missions and i SLOGGED my way through it to do my review and it wasn't fun. While normal is a lot more enjoyable, the fact hard mode isn't even a choice really should also count against this. Its all blinkered vision. While i understand you do want the game to be rated more highly, it needs to EARN it. Unless bugs are fixed, this isn't going to happen. Oh, and also. Using Deus ex and bloodlines in this games line is a excuse too. Im sorry, saying "This game will be good when the fans patch it" is saying "This game is crap before the fans patched it". Remember that. Deus Ex is a fan loved game because FANS put the effort in Ion never did. Same with Bloodlines.
  2. Pretty much how I see it, as well. The real place where Obsidian pulls ahead is dialogue - BioWare can make a good plot, but they can't back it up with equally strong dialogue, which often detracts from the intensity of the plot. Virmire in ME1, for example, had a great moment in the plot where you had to choose between Ashley or Kaiden, but the godawful dialogue robbed it of any emotional power it would have ("I'M SORRY ASH. I HAD TO MAKE A CHOICE."). Obsidian, on the other hand, has always written absolutely great dialogue to support their games. Kreia in KotOR2 has some of the best lines I have ever heard in a video game - never has any BioWare character even come close. Edit: And if Kreia isn't good enough for you, try Heck. I was falling out of my chair laughing at his emails. This is part of the problem i guess with what im seeing of fans the game who dislike the low reviews. You play and are willing to see past this cracks to the beyond awesome dialog. You have to understand though that it doesn't make a game!. It isn't 50% of the game, it has to be a shooter really. While Obsidian do great with the idea of the RP apart of it, the G part fails a bit. They have had issues with gameplay in general in a lot of the game and need a lot of time to bugfix which they evidently didn't put in. Because of that and how much potential this game had, it is being given hard marks. Not because its being compared, but because i should of stood up and been awesome but Obsidian evidently didn't use the extra time to bug-fix now did they. So the scores are fair, if a little hard based on the feelings of what people think should of happened. If your saying its unfair for the reviewers to of given these hard marks, its more because they thought higher of obsidian with this. There own IP that had its chance to step out and be counted as being BETTER then Mass Effect. So there is your answer really. If its different, id be surprised considering who i work for and how the general view around my office has been with this game.
  3. The AI needs to be sorted quiet badly before you call it a masterpiece, i agree. When the AI kills its friends, as in TURNS to show them instead of you...yea. And the shooting isn't as tight or focused, while the skills are better in some respects i think it needs to be given a look over. Though, i will say this. The story needed Mike to be very deep but because of the conversation choices...he's a bit....loopy at times when you don't get to pick the reply. You'll see what i mean. But in general, its a very good game. I just feel its not as good as ME2 because of its short-comings in comparison. And ME's story spreads over 2 games, you can't compare that.
  4. While il admit i came into AP with a VERY ...um.."Anti-Obsidian" view due to how i feel about there other games, i am honestly having fun with AP. The problem is the polish and bug-fixing. Simple things really should of been spotted and fixed but seem to of been forgotten (aka The AI). I can understand Sega's want to push this title as it was pushed back and was starting to cost them more then they would make back off it. You can't think this would of been as big a hit as something like ME or Fallout so Sega would want this pulling in what they can. I will agree that i really doubt Obsidian will make AP2 if we ever see it. Ive not finished the game (Hard Mode, Recruit, Defend ...someone...Nuf' Said) but there are some REALLY smart ideas, things like the conversation perks and effects. Ive rarely played a RPG that rewards me for sticking to my guns or reading a persons responses. I made me smile when i meet a certain person i wont say. The problems are you can't rate the game on just that unfortunately and its not very good at the other things. So saying that, i do still worry about Fallout now. This was a important title as this game would reflect how that game would go. ...Ive done rambling .
  5. A friend of mine has the PC verson of the game with Win7 and is getting the following error Faulting application name: apgame.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4bd8888d Faulting module name: apgame.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4bd8888d Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x009be986 Faulting process id: 0x304 Faulting application start time: 0x01cafd718a134c7b Faulting application path: r:\steam\steamapps\common\alpha protocol\binaries\apgame.exe Faulting module path: r:\steam\steamapps\common\alpha protocol\binaries\apgame.exe Report Id: d918953f-6964-11df-8cf5-e0cb4e326b6e Since we have no really tech forum, anyone here understand PC? heh.
  6. Game.co.uk's downloads are done by Metaboli/gamesplanet. So tend to be EU friendly. I got mine on steam, the free game was good enough to last me a few days before sam and max Diablo-likes are always fun in there own little way. Steam's was
  7. Logic loop, here we come. Okay. So spoilers via game-play footage, funny how about 99% of the games out there manage it without spoilers, more so in games like RPGs and such where even the monsters you fight become spoilers to the areas your in. Simply showing things like "How things work" wouldn't be hard. There are videos of the conversation system (Which is the most vague system ive seen, how exactly do you know what your going to say, a stance dosn't equal response to most things i find. But then, its a spy film. Il take it with a pinch of un-reality). What you get in return for information?...rather a easy answer. You get people to see what your game entails, details of the game itself and weather its worth putting down money. Since you wont be doing a demo im guessing, having information out there that people can look up outside of conversation system seems a smart idea. Even Gametrailers preview was rather short for them because they just didn't seem to have information. But then, here comes the logic loop. Information brings sales, if your not 100% confident in your game or if you know there are mistakes and errors, i can see why little information would be a good thing. The "art of misdirection" would fit rather well. And no, im not bashing your game. Id not of put money down if i wasn't willing to try it now would i? What im requesting is maybe some logical thought behind trying to sell a game. You get people hyped for a game with gameplay footage that shows of a variety of things without spoilers. If other games out there can do it, it there for isn't impossible, right? Also "Return favors" being? Considering the other groups variation on favors being more often then not good review scores, id be very concerned about you saying that. >.>....
  8. Most people feel that way with Fallout 3. Its a very good game...just not really a fallout game, more a mod someone made in the fallout universe. . Back on topic, i find myself being a little be confused by the reviews. Almost every video i have seen has shown off very little gameplay and if the gameplay isn't that bad, why not show it off?. So far, only the Game-night video showed ANYTHING of worth but that was a beta build. I guess il known soon. For the price on steam, i think it was worth the risk...but ive been burned by obsidian before. so...who knows. I will say this, 80%+ scores for most reviews were enough to make me look at the gameplay footage more to see if i was just going mad.
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