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  1. Cactus needles are an excellent material for arrows.
  2. Has anyone found a way to get into this lab and push a button?
  3. Alternatively, a flash-bang grenade ("ringing bun"): ant egg (1), chitin powder (2), dry grass (4), honeydew (1). Chitin powder is made on a shredder from parts of various beetles. The grenade has only a stunning effect in the blast radius. Explodes on impact.
  4. Yes, it will be fun to throw a stunning spear at a group of bugs, and then run and shred them in close combat.
  5. I would like to receive assignments for conducting experiments in laboratories. Deliver various ingredients there, load them into machines and monitor the progress of work for several days. My intervention is necessary to fix problems, repair equipment and add new ingredients. To make the course of the study visually noticeable.
  6. I invite everyone to write their ideas about quests in this topic.
  7. I fully support it! Who exactly thinks the same, write in this topic.
  8. Ladybug can be killed with almost any equipment, the main thing is to constantly bypass it and not fall under a powerful ramming attack, and this can only be achieved by increasing your skill and experience. 8 hours is not a long time to play, and it's too early to attack a bombardier beetle or a ladybug. I will advise you my way of progress in the game, which I succeeded in: The first stage after creating basic equipment: create an armor from an acorn and a shield from a weevil. The second stage: dig up larvae and caterpillars that dig the ground with a shovel from an acorn near an oak tree (naturally during the day when there are no spiders), make larval armor and a poisonous caterpillar blade. The third stage: using a bow, blade and shield, kill enough ants to make ant armor, a club from an ant, complete the task of BURGL in the anthill and collect more quartzite. The fourth stage: take a stone spear, a shield, make an underwater dagger and collect ingredients for a breathing tube and fins in the pond. The fifth stage: to penetrate deeper into the pond and collect the ingredients for the diver's helmet. The sixth stage: take a shovel and get ingredients for a trident and armor made of KOI scales at the bottom of the pond. Stage seven: complete the BURGL tasks in the pond. Eighth stage: create a forge and upgrade weapons. Only after that it is worth hunting the bombardier beetle and ladybug, you will already have enough experience. In this case, the complication will be smoother. You are trying to skip several stages of development and are surprised by the sharply increasing complexity. As a rule, the game itself prompts, then it's too early for you to fight some opponents and pushes you to look for more suitable ones.
  9. Although crafting should be in several stages: first, separate parts of the generator are crafted, and then the electricity generator itself is assembled from them.
  10. If you don't like the difficulty, you can turn on the easy game mode or God mode in the difficulty settings at the start of the game. But I assure you, it's much more interesting to look for ways to pass, and they are. Do not try to destroy the bug right away, you can use various tactics. In addition, you can find a full set of bee armor in the anthill, and get materials for crafting Koi armor from the pond. There is a lot of quartzite in all anthills, you can go there in a set of ant armor without fear of being attacked. Knowledge is also given for completing tasks on crafting things, and is also scattered everywhere. You are only at the very beginning of the game, explore the meadow and pond to begin with.
  11. I offer 2 types of electric generator for further use with electrical equipment (illumination, protection, etc.): chemical and mechanical. Chemical (produces a little energy and eventually irretrievably fails) is collected from acid (apple or ant), a container (like an ant egg) and metal contacts (by then it may be possible to tear off a piece of copper wire in the shed). Mechanical (generates more energy, but constantly requires fuel) is assembled from acorns, stems, lubricating fluid and is a wheel into which you launch tamed insects that need to be constantly fed.
  12. A spider in BURGL's lab! Has anyone had this?
  13. I absolutely agree, a winter biome is necessary. Warm armor can be crafted from several types of fluff and skin. Pieces of ice are needed for the refrigerator, like an unquenchable coal for the oven. Portable refrigerators usually have cold storage batteries, this substance can be used for crafting (for example, freezing arrows and bombs). Ice arrows, swords and armor would be cool, but it would melt quickly. It is better to use parts of the products that were stored in the refrigerator. And here is a list of insects that are not afraid of frost: Boreus westwoodi, Chioneinae, Staphylinidae (predators up to 50 mm). It would be a great biome, I'm already mentally traveling in it.
  14. 6 - a good idea to create an insect farm, including facilities for this: pens, feeders, etc. With proper care, insects will multiply.
  15. New powerful aquatic insects: dragonfly larva, leech, water strider. New underwater equipment: a wetsuit made of leech skin or dragonfly larvae; a harpoon gun made of mosquito, water strider or bones; an additional supply of air from an ant egg or a mosquito pouch (reduce the number of air bubbles under water). New underwater missions and underwater boss. PS: It would be great if the location changed as the story progressed. For example, there are several tasks in the pond and each subsequent one is harder to perform (it is necessary to penetrate into more remote places, more powerful insects appear, or become aggressive. This applies not only to the pond. As a variant of the event: a dragonfly laid eggs in a pond, after a couple of days terrible dragonfly larvae appear in the pond with their boss. Task: infiltrate the laboratory and set up a series of experiments.
  16. It is necessary to make sure that there are not many parts left after the battle. Otherwise, their farming will become too easy.
  17. Create an roly poly armor and you will be happy.
  18. Yes, that's right! In addition, BURGL could give a task to hold a point or protect some substance that attracts hordes of insects, for example, a piece of sugar or a capsule with ferromones. Such mechanics will radically change the gameplay for a while, forcing the player to move from exploring the world to strengthening positions and thinking through defenses. It seems to me that this approach will give a lot of interesting emotions from the game. After repelling the attack, players will continue to explore the world, discussing what happened and drawing conclusions for future protection.
  19. It would be very interesting if the player's base was periodically attacked by groups of insects. This could be due to migration or a change in behavior during the mating season. Perhaps this type of tasks could appear in BURGL. This would introduce a new type of gameplay, something similar to tower defense.
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