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  1. I must say i haven even glared in the direktion of new starwars rules since D20 SW came and I desidet to stay with Westend but ohh we have enjoyed many hours with the universe. I would say that you can play SW just as serious as most other of the RPG out there, for the sake D&D have moonrats Rats who are just ordanary until in moonlight were the gain int... WoD were malcavians are from yes i know i teori wery serious, but have you ever made it throu a session were the malcavian did somthing f****** crasy without ROFLOL, every system have it flaws or should we call em "fun sides" Bu
  2. Yeah, but that's like screwing the whole party over. And I don't give XP per encounter. I stack them up per session, if they add up, I just reward them with a level. The whole point was making the fight challenging. So much for that ... Well, there's always the option to ask him to stop doing it. or you could just do the old "what the players can do so can the NPC's" for some reason none of my players chose save or die and for that reason only BBEG's who realy must to fit there concept does so (Necro or evil cultist of Death)
  3. ohh were to start: well I have been plaing for about 17 years now alot of difrent systems and editions, mostly in the local RPG club were we have a open D&D group, all have charekters a we take turns in DM'ening, the group is a adventure company in forgotten and players must find reson to join themself and persuade the guild ingame. So it
  4. well after puting my own take of the wildmage up on enworld i googled wildmage and found yours it looks good. if you want inspiration i have my try on the 2ed. tome of magic wildmage conversion to 3.5 here http://www.enworld.org/forum/d-d-3rd-editi...age-spells.html but nice work
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