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  1. Before anything else I would like to say that I am sorry to hear about your torn knee ligament. As I finally am getting older I have had real breaks and tears for the first time in my life and it is a real showing of my physical fragility which I would prefer not to have. Secondly I would like to sincerely apologize for the tone of my earlier comments. I did not intend to write them as angry as they sound. I was in a bad mood, at work, and I write first and then edit but my boss showed up so I just posted them and then logged out. (I was on my break but my boss would be angry any way and
  2. Ok while I agree that I can't tell you exactly 120 feet in 1to 5 inches my supposedly master archer should be able to as easy as breathing. I can tell you if there are exactly 60 cards in my deck of cards without counting. That's because I play way to much cards. It is much less realistic that someone who practices and fights daily with a bow can't tell accurately if a target is out of range. Anyway that's what 1's are. If they roll a 1 and the monster is forever far away then they misjudged the distance. And what about range increments. If a monster is more than 120 feet away you do not autom
  3. there is an existing prestige class in the complete arcane that is set up as a host of domination powers including a high level dominate monster. It's already balanced and will save you alot of work unless she is just really set on this other class idea. Also in D&D 3.5 there are no standard saves only poor and good so you can save your brain the work of looking.
  4. second level spells continued Hornung's Baneful Deflector* (Evocation) Range: Touch Components: V, S, M Duration: 2 rounds/level Casting time: Standard action Target: Creature touched Saving Throw: None This spell partially surrounds the recipient in a shimmering, hemispherical field of force. The field is transparent and moves with the subject, forming a shell about one foot away from his body. The shell serves as a shield against all forms of individually targeted missile attacks (including magic missile and other spells). The caster designates the position of the shell (protec
  5. Second-Level Spells[/size] Chaos Shield* (Abjuration) Components:V,S Duration: 1d10 rounds +2 rounds/level Casting Time: 1 Partial Action Target: Personal Saving Throw: Special Following the discovery of wild magic came the discovery of wild surges and the personal danger such surges create. After several wild mages destroyed themselves by rather spectacular means (or suffered very odd side effects), the chaos shield was created as protection from these surges. This spell imbues the wild mage with special protection against the effects of wild surges. It protects only against
  6. Thanks Ramza for the spell list. It's pretty interesting but most of the spells are horribly unbalanced. The level 2 chaos dagger spell would be by far the best spell in the game if it weren't so broke it hurts my brain. I do intend to write new spells for the chaos mage in the future so stay tuned for that. For now just enjoy the adaptations of existing spells. First Level Spells Hornung's Guess* (Divination) Range: Sight Component: V Duration: Instantaneous Casting Time: Partial Action Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No Hornung, one of the lea
  7. I feel sorry for those friends of yours. The power mongers always blow themselves up with this class. So that should be fun for you to watch.
  8. Sample Wild Surge Results Table D100 Roll Wall of force appears in front of caster Caster smells like a skunk for the spell duration Caster shoots forth eight nonpoisonous snakes from fingertips. Snakes do not attack. Caster's Clothes itch (-2 to initiative) Caster glows as per a light spell Spell effect has a 60' radius centered on caster Next phrase spoken by the caster becomes true, lasting for 1 turn (this one can be alot of fun provided that you wait until the caster says something that can mannifest. A questions such as where are we going does not mannifest. However, I
  9. Yeah the thing about that +1 effective level is it works like 1/2 the spell penetration feat. So off the bat it's a free feat and then you have the fact that there are feats out there like fire caster that give you a bonus spellcaster level to say fire spells so mix that with a specialist and your first level evoker is doing 3d4(average 7) with his flaming hands which could easily lay waste to a whole gang of orcs for instance, or likely the entire rest of the party. I know you've been talking about changing the cleric in another thread and first I should reiterate some of the things that
  10. lol if you did it would be to someone else this is just an adaptation / derivative work of a long out of print class. Bust share your stories of crazy world shifting events and we'll call it even. It may be a day or two till I have the time to scribe a surge tale or adapt all of the spells but trust me when I say that this class is worth the wait.
  11. I like the idea of giving the Wizard a feat every 4 instead of 5 levels because quite honestly many classes hold interest even at high levels but with only a bonus feat every 5 levels it just doesn't make sense not to have to take a prestige class. As far as the specialty wizards give them the feat every 4 levels as well. Specialists are basically a template that modifies the basic wizard class and remains balanced as long as you leave it that way. The bonus caster level is very powerful and should be avoided. I posted my class on a new topic thread. There's still some missing but it
  12. Forward: When I was a young player, still very new to constructed role playing games in general and AD&D in particular, my friends and I would gather to play our latest campaigns. The friends I made on these, floor seated, all night, role-playing sessions have lasted to this day and in some bittersweet cases a lifetime. I had always loved arcane magic and when it was my turn to play a character I often happily rolled out a wizard. So there we were rolling the dice, then 3d6 was still the standard not the high power versions we play now, and our newly appointed Dungeon Master Eric Fire
  13. Thanks for your last reply it will help with this and future posts. As for this I think it looks actually quite good. I've always liked the idea of say the draconic casters but those classes are always nerfed and lack spell progression. So a heritage progression sounds fun and your trading the mass number of spells per day down to give the heritage boosts and the extra spell known per level. I like it and it sounds both balanced and fun. Humm don't feel like I helped much here but I learned alot. Maybe I can help more next time. I'm also going to post a class that I've been adap
  14. Again I think that all of your preplanning is a little bit your undoing. You apparently have a wonderful roleplaying group and for that you are very lucky. So in your example game above instead of your prison contrivance if you had brought everyone who was going to be a player together and told them "I want to make a game, the protagoist is a bumbling wizard with a good lead on finding some really powerful artifacts." then you ask them to make characters that have a reason to be going along with all this. They will write their own reasons for staying together and it will be much more satisfyin
  15. The corrupting artifact is certainly classic enough and it's funny how you know they still won't realize what their doing by brining the artifact to the city. I have to disagree however that flexibility is the enemy of depth and detail. I belive that one of the gretest experiances in role playing is creating a story together. The depth provided by so many people writing their stories and you weaving them together in my experiance far outweighs anything you would have time to put together yourself. And if none of your players want to contribute to the story then your not so much role playi
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