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  1. an inchworm, they inch along the dirt and sometimes crawls up plants. they drop: inchworm skin and inchworm head. maggots, you can take pick them up and grow them into flies which you can ride with a saddle, but it needs to be fed or else you can't fly on it, earthworms, you can find their holes where you can find cool things and an earthworm or two. earwigs, i don't have many ideas, but they can drop: earwig legs that you can cook and eat and earwig parts. BONUS! an antman figure in an ant hill as an easter egg.
  2. like the first suggestion post, post ideas and feedback in the replies.
  3. Hello everyone!

  4. just use debug features (or whatever their called) to move your backpack to the starting cave
  5. ok, so you know how there are nails in wood in the backyard? well, what if you could use tier 2 tools to mine them and craft lvl 3 tools. or what if you could go in the house, or the vents of the house and encounter cocroaches (had to spell it like that cause censoring) and maybe lint for a cold place or smn. k, so, this is cool but what if you could make a radio as one of the quests. a part of the yard where there are giant chickens where there is a lab where there are shrunken chickens presumably for testing. yo, so if you could make a full set of aphid armour and the set bonus is, i dunno, stealth improvement? improved workbench that look like those in labs and can craft lvl 3 and, maybe lvl 4 stuff? maybe you could go in a freezer or fridge as a cold place... WITH POPSICLES! more exploration in the pond depths with another big dangerous fish like the koi fish. getting wood for tools from popsicle sticks found on the lawn, harvested by lvl 3 tools weather like: raining, sunny, stormy, dark clouds to show when a storm is coming, rarely maybe snowing. a room with everything in the game in creative. an improved backpack from BURG.L where you can have 15 or maybe, 20 per stack. dying armour. zipline you can ride upwards Finally, im done and i hope you guys consider adding some of these and i thank you for reading this! sincerely: me
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