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  1. This works locally on a network, my son and wife can easily join in. Otherwise, if off network, just use an Xbox game invite, no?
  2. Dedicated server, yes, but I like the limit of 4 players... Not too much going on, and gives a bit of a challenge! Otherwise, you've got that little yard too busy with 4 people exploring/crafting all the time. Before players would die of thirst or hunger, I would leave my son's low end PC on with a player so that I could join whenever on my PC and my son & wife join via Xboxes. That's changed now obviously, but it was also nice bc my son could swap between players/ devices without really "leaving" or quitting, etc. He would just dump the backpack out and re-pickup items etc.
  3. yeah.... i dont have FB, but seems like it'd be cool to see! Definitely built more than us, and i thought we were crazy building all the way up into the Oak Tree and up on the roof of the house.
  4. Well... TBH early on in the game, we (my son and I) wanted to get a new perspective of the game We built a 30 story stair case of nothing but stairs and grass floors winding straight up, and never had an issue.. beyond the initial first couple floors, we gave up on scaffolding too. On the porch, it goes even higher to 70 stories or something up to the roof and gutters (yeah, we got bored/curious) but you cannot actually run around on the roof top, you will fall down to the deck, have a tuft ready . Makes for a wicked quick zipline too if you don't mind spending a few minutes running up all those stairs!
  5. I had this same issue. Sometime earlier either this week or last, I emailed support. I have shared my game saves, plus screenshots of what happens to my wife and son when joining my game. Every now and again, my game save will have a hiccup and when i launch, my mutations reset for myself.. Part of my own issue might be we're 450+ days or more in-game, and practically have a small village worth of houses and built up content! There are often times of lagging around the map when we get to a heavily crafted area. We have built 30 story towers (stairs only ) around the map to zipline everywhere, and huge supply hoard houses because you never know what might become scarce or obsolete (goodbye Armor Glue). I look forward to content updates and to the Obsidian team, keep up the great work!
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