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  1. I was lucky at the beginning of the .10 update. I found 4 feathers at the bird bath and got 24 feather pieces in total. But since then i follow the crow everywhere it goes and follow the fly path but havn't found any feathers at all. I've once seen a feather falling. It dropped on the laser and disappeared. It is very annoying as it's an important part of building material since the .10 update and it quite impossible to get it
  2. I would love to have the option to create a few (lets say 3) presets of self-defined mutations-combinations. To switch between the preset would be much more comfortable instead of deactivate this and activate that a.s.o.
  3. Hi Community Does somebody know how many "buildings" a grass floor supports? I've builded an elevator on a grass floor and got a warning signal that it already supports 21. How many could i add until the grass floor crashes? Best, Fabian
  4. I have the same issue. I've also sent a support ticket and hope you could help with that
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