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  1. Good insights on the ants Has anyone tried to follow a living weevil until they die? Anything out of the ordinary happening to / with them?
  2. Sounds like new info to me! I will tell the devs in the report that is active about that issue. I am sure they will appreciate every bit of behavioural information that they can get. Thank you for writing this Update with a reply from the Grounded Support team. I thought I would share it with you, @LadyBugWins " Hi, Rahsna! Thank you for this information! I will go ahead and update the team with this to see if we can figure out what the cause of this is. Once we have an update, we will make sure to post it on our forums or Grounded website. Thanks again for updating us with this information and I hope you have a great rest of your day! "
  3. When you are playing on mild, getting 75% damaged by a mechanic that is meant to save you from drowning seems illogical. Maybe ease the pressure on that specific jet streams so you only take maybe 25% damage?
  4. I find this behaviour annoying. But that is my personal preference. I like order and that things stay the way I left them, not reverse the actions I did. At least give me the choice if it renaming should be reset to "[Area in the yard]" like "Grasslands". Sometimes I want it, sometimes I do certainly not. I use renaming saves to identify a certain situation or state in the game. Like "Before bug" and "After bug". Sometimes I want to update to a better situation of "before" or "after", but without having to re-rename the save. Granted this is quite an unusual scenario, but none the less one I often use. Further more, with a controller it is cumbersome to type something compared to using a keyboard. These are my two reasons, feel free to disagree and share why you think it should stay this way
  5. I agree that the new name is not grounded in the world the same way as the rest. But I do not feel that strongly about it. That said, instead of agreeing it sucks, why not agree to come up with a better name ? I am not trying to be a troll, just trying to help the devs get some constructive feedback.
  6. I sent my report last night, but I gave a big nudge to this thread, so any information here should help them further. Now we can just hope it is enough for them to find the piece of code that is causing the issues
  7. Wicked insight! I am just on day 12, far from 100th! Reporting bugs in great detail takes up most of my time otherwise spent on the game, but I will mention this thread in my bug report and include some of your information, @iMiAMi2014. Thank you for sharing
  8. I see I am not the only one who thinks this is a bug. Alright. I will go ahead and add it to my growing list of bugs to report Thank you for sharing your thoughts
  9. This is a great idea! I too like to build new places every time and I find that if I do not use foundations my base's building logic will at some point just randomly break. Not allowing me to place a blueprint piece where it logically should ... Grounded really is a master piece and I have never been so hyped for a game release since a Blizzard game back in the good old days
  10. Hi! I'm Rahsna, I am new here on the feedback forum ^_^ You can read more about my Grounded experience in my profile Have anyone else noticed an increasing amount of weevil parts lying around on the ground? I picked up 4 raw weevil within 32 seconds. Parts I did not even know was there. Normally these guys are tough to even find this early in the game (8th day) and they certainly does not just lie ready for the taking in this amount! The amount of living, walking weevil seems normal. I included a video of what I am experiencing: https://www.xbox.com/play/media/XQLMFY8H 00:22: 1st weevil part encounter 00:42: 2nd weevil part encounter 00:50: 3rd weevil part encounter 00:54: 4th weevil part encounter I am not sure if it is a bug or just the ants growing lazy and not finishing their meals I would not file it as a bug until I had confirmation whether or not this was the new normal
  11. Feedback: Add some sort of visual or audio feedback when you cannot craft because you need a workbench As seen on the screenshot, in this situation the game does not tell you why pressing a button to craft does not do anything. (It might for someone whom is hard of hearing, whom has enabled the accessibility feature) I remember pressing Space/A repeatedly, not understanding why it did not craft, until I noticed the "Workbench required" note below the item. But that was not obvious for a good few seconds. Others might have that issue I remember originally having this issue when I played for the first time. Then I got used to it being this way. But now I am around 500 in-game days more experienced and we're at Home Strech, and you asked for feedback for starting over from a new game, so I thought I would mention this as an issue for new beginnings Suggestion: Add a visual "Not near a workbench" pop-up, when you are attempting to craft items that require it. Same for the other crafting "stations" in the game You can add audio too, like a gentle "negative" / "fail" sound. Screenshot of the crafting screen with Clover Hood selected on an Xbox interface
  12. Congratulations on getting almost the exact thing you asked for, down to the colours used for the shovel and the rake ^_^! Nice! They even added some of your other ideas into the game some other places. That is sooo wicked ! I like your idea A simple 2D level map would also be fine ^^ For The Yard For everything below The Yard Go to Options > Debug. There should be an option to "Unstuck character" I do not this for a fact, but I have a feeling that every time you use that feature to get unstuck, the dev team will look at improving that areas with the coordinates they likely gather from the "Unstuck character" feature +1 to the suggestion with using the used torch first ! I love the makeshift fridge idea. In early game it is so annoyed when all your meat spoils at the same time or close to the same time Good suggest with the zipline ... guides? I often end up changing my ziplines (and surrounded floors) a few times before I get it right "BURG.L recipe that allows you to build a device that enables you to travel ziplines both ways" + 1 to that. Nice! Such a time saver To all quoted replies Thank you for taking the time to write these! I hope I added a reaction to all of your thoughtful posts
  13. Sorry if this has already been adressed, but one way for PlayStation player to experience Grounded would be to using Xbox Cloud Gaming (part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) and use a Playstation controller. Since Xbox Cloud gaming does not require you to use an Xbox controller specifically, you can use a PS-controller as long as it has bluetooth ^^
  14. Until today I assumed naming chests with an Xbox controller was not possible (just like hot crafting is not). However, I learned that while the selector is in a chest, you can moved the selector one tile above the selectable tiles and this allows you to edit the “Storage chest” text by pressing A on the Xbox controller. I was looking for the renaming feature in the customize menu. Suggestion Add a pencil or other icon close to the editable text which the controller can move to, to make it clear how to edit the name of storage chests
  15. Hi, I was watchin my spouse play the new 13.x content and after activating the MIX.R without knowing what it was. She thought it could not be repaired after it was attacked and broke down. She pressed X for "Repair" (on the controller) as it reads when she approached it, but nothing happened, so she assumed it was buggy or could not be repaired. On purpose I did not tell her what she had to do, becaues I wanted to gather feedback for you that it could be an issue to understand the requirements for how to repair the MIX.R. I was right. She even loaded a previous save to try again but still failed defending it. Finally she gave up, assuming it was a one-attempt trial, where you would either win or lose, but whatever the outcome, it would be permanent. When I realised how confusing this could be for some, I decided to write this feedback for your guys. ℹ I only know how this feature works because I had been watching the dev team introduce the feature. My suggestion I suggest to add information that you need the repair tool to fix it. Maybe add a repair tool icon above the broken MIX.R
  16. Hey, Yeah same thing happened to me while playing. Host is on PC (AMD based build) and I am on Xbox. It got to the point where I disconnect after just 5 minutes of idle in the game after joining; waiting for the bug to happen. Everything was fine yesterday, I am guessing some sort of Xbox-platform issue to be the cause. I am not sure if it has anything to do with this bug, but prior to the timeouts, my client would desyncronize with host so we would see each other's characters stand different places when we compared our screens. (sitting next to each other). Prioer to that I had issues with being unable to enter mushroom round door (single sided). We built our base at the pond and the save is from an old version of the game (back when The Pond had undergone its 2nd revision). But to me the pond always seemed like an extra buggy place in the game to establish a base. Thoughts?
  17. First one. It sounds absolutely horrible! Second: No. I do not think the scenario you are describing is normal. They sometimes come by right as you start (they check out areas where you make noise, I think) but they should not spawn randomly across the map! I would file a bug report see this link for instructions: How do I report a bug? - Obsidian Entertainment Support and this as well: How to Report a Bug - Public Test Bugs and Support - Obsidian Forum Community (yes they have two completely different procedures, and yes, it is confusing) And then send it to mail. Filing a bug report is super tedious, but unless the bug is easily repeatable for a lot of people, they cannot find the bug unless you report it. Best of luck to you!
  18. Now version 1.00+ for Grounded is here, but the bug is still not squashed. However, I found a new, more easy workaround Let host create game. Guest doesn't join yet. The host chooses character and starts the game Once the host is in, the guest can join the game and not have the bug trigger. Note: The guest's inventory will still be messed up, however all items in the hot pouch works as expected
  19. Hi Elarian Star, I might have a workaround for you until the Grounded team can fix the Hot pouch After the bug happens, the guest (the one whom joins) must quit the multiplayer game and re-join while the host stays in the game. This should fix the unequipable hot pouch items bug - but only for that session. This workaround will have to be repeated every time the host resumes a game session. A semi-workaround is to choose an item with the radial hot pouch menu (by default mapped to the V-key on a keyboard). Every time I join a multiplayer game which has been loaded from a previous saved session, I experience this bug. The host has tested on Xbox and PC. I have tested as guest on PC only. I am running Version 9.2 for Win10. The host's game has been closed and the the system has been signed off and on again as well. It might be enough for the host to start a new multiplayer for the bug to be re-introduced, but this is not a scenario that we have tested
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