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  1. Just as a follow up: this issue caused me to stop playing, shortly after I made this post. Today I joined the public test for patch 12 and booted up a game and the issue appear to have stopped, although I've only run through a single night on a new save. I'm still waaaaaaaay too on edge to play, even though I put on immortality though. Hopefully I can work through it some time.
  2. Ever since Patch 9, every night (sometimes day) I've had Wolf spiders spawn almost immediately next to me at least once a day. They appear in any area, I am in. Doesn't matter if it is by the starting area, or not. I've come so much to expect it, that when night falls, I put myself on a platform or tower awaiting it, and sure as sh*t, in my blind angle I hear rustling and I turn around to see a Wolf Spider. TBH it has crippled me to the point where I cannot enjoy the game. I am constantly on edge. Every sound I hear, be it in-game or otherwise, startles me. It is not even save-specific. I made a new SP game (usually play MP with 2 friends) and it is also happening there. I've googled around a bit and people always respond stuff like "wolf spiders stalk you across the map", like that even means something. It's not like Miasma; there's not a Wolf Spider following me constantly. So I am asking here, now: Can it really be intentional AND is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  3. Me and two friends of mine have been enjoying a shared game, with me as host, for a few months now. We usually play 2 or 3 times a month. Since patch 9, one of my friends keep aggressively disconnecting from the game, usually within 2 minutes. I tried hosting a new save and it still happens. Out other friend tried hosting and it still happened. He tried hosting himself, but then only I could see the lobby, our other friend couldn't. Up until patch 9, it worked without disconnections - he's had no change in router, computer or ISP. Any ideas?
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