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  1. I think I need a Cipher in the party. And it’s hard to tank without a shield, think I will need restart the War and pump resolve to balance this.
  2. I think that Is finally decided: Famine - Shifter/Helwalker Ranged dots and debuffs War - Unbroken/Magran Tank and support (I choose unbroken because I think that the personification of War can’t be limited to only one type of weapon) Death - Bleak Walker/Troubador off tank and support Conquest - Blood Mage ranged dps and CC (considering MC with ascendant or psion, but the I will lose the Blackbow)
  3. I forgot about Conquest was a ranged. Interesting idea a Bloodmage using warbow. Famine will be Ascetic, this is the easiest. To War I thought about Devoted/Fury, I think fire spells fits really good. Or maybe Magran, but without using the spiritual weapons. And now Death. Make him a kind of Necromancer looks good, but at the same time I think that he needs to be someone with high damage capacity and survivability, after all he is the personification of Death. Still thinking about it edit: War could be Unbroken/Bleak Walker too. Because I need a good tank, and I think this one can do a good damage too
  4. Hello guys, I saw this video and liked the concept I want to build something like this, but not exactly I like the ascetic and the howler ones, and I need two more. What do you suggest to the Death and Famine roles?
  5. Thanks for the replies. Let me ask another question: if I choose a Berserker/Chanter, will my chants heal and buff the enemies when I get confused?
  6. Hello. I am planning a devoted with Morningstar , specifically the Willbreaker. I am trying to decide what class I choose as Multi: Troubador, Soulblade or Bloodmage. The idea is basically the same, use the Willbreaker to lower defenses and apply more debuffs with the other class. Thanks for the help
  7. I was in the character creation and have the idea of a Shaman. I didn’t tried the barbarian yet, and I think can be a good combination
  8. Thanks for the paladin tips. I like pallys, they are always my first choice in rpgs. Here in Deadfire, my favorites are the Goldpact, I tried do a Stalker/Goldpact, but in the first levels I found him too boring, it’s two classes that I like but they are too much “passive oriented”. that’s why I always try to mix paladin with some another class with more actives skills. For the Templar, the Goldpact would be fine with Eothas or Berath, Wael and Woedica isn’t choices that I like.
  9. I don’t like Bleak Walker, but it’s only BW or Steel Garrote that combines with Magran Priest. Thanks for the suggestion , I will try the BM. Magran’s Favor and Sun and Moon would me my weapons of choice, am I right?
  10. Hello I am planning a solo Magran priest, and I don’t know what the best multiclass with it; I am thinking about Bleak Walker, Stalker, Bloodmage or Fury?
  11. Thanks, I started with Shifter. I won’t shift, but the free spells are the best for point economy. I am thinking about him like a kind of Fallen Druid, who is disappointed with the nature powers and looked forward to use some kind of “dark” powers. This is my stats ( with Berath blessing) STR 15 / CON 9 / DEX 17 / PER 22 / INT 20 / RES 7 EDIT: I think that I can use spiritshift, specially now with Wildstrike Corrode. Summons skellies, apply my DoTs and become a big bear with corrosive attacks. Looks fine.
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