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  1. Hi guys, I am kinda lost in my game. I am soloing with a SC Forbidden Fist, reached lvl 14.

    I did some quests in Neketaka, complete the first tier bounties, went to Deadlight and left Benwet alive. Now I came to Dunnage, talked to Furrante and don’t know where to go. I want to side with Aeldys to get Scordeos Edge, and after that I should go to Hasongo or another place?

  2. 10 hours ago, yolfashj said:

    it is... very economy 

    1. Saves you tons of investment in companion abilities, simply re-summon it to heal/teleport for 1 Bond cost only

    2. It‘s immune to engagement, perfect for luring enemies away

    3. You wont feel guilty when sacrificing you animal companion 

    It makes sense, thanks. 

  3. I thought about restart as a Wanderer, but I am at lvl 10 and much as I like rangers, I don’t want to do all the Maje stuff again. So I did a little respec and start using Hand Mortar to get my wounds quickly.

    I don’t know if I am right, but looks like if I used Hand Mortar with Tuotillos Palm in melee distance, I was only attacking with the shield.

    I still have Force of Anguish (there’s no other to pick in this lvl, arms bearer looks useless). 
    But this time I picked Enlightened Agony and Blade Turning (is a life saver sometimes)

  4. 3 hours ago, Ouroboros226 said:

    Neketaka can be overwhelming at first. Are you a new player looking for advice because you are lost, or a returning player just looking for optimization? 

    You don't have to full clear Neketaka the moment you get there. Personally I think the best quest routing is queens birth -> watershaper district -> palace -> stairs -> Brass citadel -> gullet. If you are a new player, DO NOT - enter the elevator in the gullet. My first character went there super early and I spent literally an entire day of playing the game getting out of there alive.

    I am trying a solo run, so I want to complete the maximum quests I can before leave. I was fruto get Duskfall, but is impossible clear the Bardatto Estate now. 

  5. 1 minute ago, dgray62 said:

    In my experience FF monks can be wound starved early on, but not later. To maximize wounds, get your RES as high as possible and re-use the FF attack as soon as the curse expired. Also fire up clarity of agony as soon as you have the curse, and refresh it as soon as it expires. Although it costs two wounds, it's worth it. First, you'll get a wound back immediately as the curse will expire as soon as you cast it, and then the subsequent curses will be significantly briefer, letting you accrue wounds more rapidly. Next, get Hylea's Talons as soon as you see the merchant ship where it can be bought. It gives you a lash, and when you get the raw DOT effect, it won't last long, and will give you a wound and heal you as soon as it expires. Lastly, get Parting Sorrow as soon as you hit PL 6. It gives you a wound not only when enemies break engagement, but also when you knock them back (if you took Force of Anguish) and when you kill them. Wounds will add up quickly with the right gear and abilities.


  6. I am dual wielding . One slot is gladiator sword + tuotillo palm, another is Myr Fortune + Rannigs Wrath. I still have resounding call,  Tarns Respite, Hand Mortar and Watcher Blade, now I am about to pick Duskfall.

    I abandoned Tornent’s Reach, I barely used it. One of my big issues is being to stack wounds as FF, I always use them to keep using Thunderous Blows…

  7. I cleared the Oathbinder Sanctum and returned to Neketaka. Now I am trying get out of the Old City. This is my gear now:

    Deaths Maw

    Protective Eothasian Charm

    Ring of Minor Deflection 

    Ring of Minor Protection

    Cloak of Deflection

    Swordsman Bracers

    Ngatis Girdle or Troll Hidr Belt

    Caroc Breastplate

    Tuotilos Palm

    Myr’s Fortune

    Gladiator Sword



    Swift Strikes

    Force of Anguish

     Clarity of Agony

    Sword and Shield 

    Two Weapon Style

    Lightning Strikes 

    Tornents Reach

    Soul Mirror

    Duality of Mortal Presence

    Thunderous Blow

    Rooting Pain


    I am thinking in change Torments Reach and Rooting Pain, I feeling that these abilities are useless for now.

  8. Hello guys,I need  some more opinions and ideas .

    First, about my abilities. I think that Clarify Agony and Dance of Death doesn’t worth for now. I am with 21 RES , so the afflictions won’t last longer. And about Dance of Death, in a solo run I always be hit and will break the effect early. So I prefer spent my tier 2 points in passives, like sword and shield, two weapons and long stride.

    And about the weapons, I just want to use weapons that combines with monks. Sabres, Quarterstaffs, Flails ( I think dual wield flais looks like a pair of nunchucks 😝)… what else do you suggest? I thought about a warbow to start fights from range. And of course, my powerful fists

  9. Thanks guys, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of chanter. But I want to try solo with a monk, and don’t want to go with the FF/Garrote or any Bloodmage combination.

    But then, Monks can’t heal, and can’t increase defenses, so I don’t know what to do. I saw a helwalker/devoted build that I found interesting, but I don’t know if is solo viable. Maybe a contemplative can work?

  10. Hello guys, here I am asking for ideas.

    Is this build viable for solo? What subclasses would be better? For monk I am thinking about Helwalker (the bonus might would be useful, and since the chanter resources are renewable I don’t think FF is a need).

    For the chanter side, I don’t know if I go Skald to use more invocations, or Troubadour focused in chants to buff myself/Debuff enemies

    The only summons I plan to use will be the Dragons (the little one and the big one). 

    Before I forget: Dichotomous Soul and chanter summons can be used at the same time?

  11. 7 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

    I wrote in some other thread that you can also build a damage-oriented Crusader who does good damage (iirc I did some 170+ dmg hits with a Devoted/Bleak Walker with great sword bc. of the combination of lashes and Inspired Beacon - not to mention Sacred Immolation) and is still very sturdy (not main tank level of sturdy but very sturdy for a damage dealer). That's not boring at all imo. 

    Sure, if you put everything into defenses it becomes a very passive character - but still very useful imo. 

    I was about to think about this combination… Greatswords will be the best weapon?

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