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  1. Just finished a 750h-long playthrough only to find out that the tremendous amount of time I spent replaying whole portions of the game, with the sole purpose of achieving a specific set of endings, was all in vain. Going to give an example with a single quest - "The Courier's Calling". Needless to say, for a completionist like me who plays this type of games mainly for the story and how I can change it through my actions, this is a huge blow. Spent the last couple of years praising PoE 2: Deadfire to everybody because I genuinely thought it was an underrated masterpiece. I still think t
  2. Currently doing a playthrough on version (GOG). Noticed that Edér's reputation log stops showing status changes after a dialogue in The Endless Queries. More specifically, telling inquisitor Naxiva "I reject your authority!..." seems to freeze the log. Any reactions Edér has during conversations from that point onward are not recorded. Thus, since there is no UI tracking it is hard to tell if Edér's attitude towards the PC actually changes or not.
  3. @asnjas You really are one of those narrow-minded people who let others think instead of them aren't you? I have some news for you - We know how to gather information on our own. We process it and make decisions on our own. We do not covet everything that's being waved in front of our eyes accompanied by flashing colours and loud noises. Those stimuli work only on individuals like you.
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