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[Bug] Endings do not correspond with quest decisions

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Just finished a 750h-long playthrough only to find out that the tremendous amount of time I spent replaying whole portions of the game, with the sole purpose of achieving a specific set of endings, was all in vain. Going to give an example with a single quest - "The Courier's Calling".


I made sure that the assassins would not succeed in their missions. The quest log properly reflects that (see attached image). Even so, the ending slides I got described how the leaders of Port Maje and Tikawara were assassinated and how the settlements declined because of that.

Needless to say, for a completionist like me who plays this type of games mainly for the story and how I can change it through my actions, this is a huge blow. Spent the last couple of years praising PoE 2: Deadfire to everybody because I genuinely thought it was an underrated masterpiece. I still think the same, but this problem with the endings will leave an unpleasant memory for me after all.

The Courier's Calling - Completion Notes (Excerpt).jpg

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