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  1. Antlions would be a cool natural trap as they make little sand cones of loose sand so things fall to them it would be cool to lead spiders to the pit and watch the lion fight it, as for the ant queen I'd love to see it drop a pheromone or a few places to collect it from the queens room, you could add to arrows to use like a lure but have the ants aggressive towards the target instead on needing to try and kite wolf spiders to the nest early game
  2. There's a thistle plant close to spawn with mites around it the bow is one of the easiest weapons to start with, a sling shot would have just as slow a rate of fire as a bow would and do less damage, would be better to add early stage ranger gear to increase fire rate such as a quiver for legs and vambraces for chest/ hands would also allow for a complete range set bonus with the crow feather hat
  3. Mosquito's are easy to kill, I actively hunt them on whoe!! Best thing is a shield and a bug hammer for the stun, shield negates all damage and is super easy to keep repaired, as for the size... Mosquito's come in all different sizes eg. Toxorhynchites aka. elephant mosquito can grow to a size of about an inch in body length
  4. I think the ant idea is better then the train idea only cause the game seems to be staying mostly private, forged and grinders where around long before trains were, and as for the story line of the game the idea of finding a burgle chip to learn to make ant pheromones to control ands for a time as a queen rather then just a pet seems cool, as they plan to add black ants to the game we even have a good place to add the chip.
  5. You guys are crazy I play on whoa mode solo without mithridatism broodmother would be impossible it's bad enough if you don't perfect block you die from a single attack if you don't have enough smoothies to fully heal before the next attack, the poison would just insure death, if you find the game to easy play on a harder difficulty. I get that it makes it easy for a team but not everyone has friends to play with, or in my case want to have to be online all the time for others to play on my save.
  6. Tier 1 Sap Arrow. T1 arrow + ant egg + 5 sap + boiling gland Makes a single use arrow that sticks enemies in place for a short time. Fire Arrow. T1 arrow x2 + gnat fuzz ×4 + quartzite ×4 + 1 spider silk Makes x2 Fire Arrows that inflict burn damage to enemies, can double as a short time flare (bonus damage to hairy/fleshy creatures) eg. Wolf Spiders, Gnats, grubs and Bees, Acid Arrow T1 arrow + acid gland Makes a single arrow with acid damage (Bonus damage to armoured insects) eg. Lady bugs, Glow Bugs, Weevil, Broodmother, Pill Bugs Glow Arrow T1 arrow ×5 + Bioluminescent goop Makes 5 arrows that can be fired as longer lasting flares then Fire Arrows has a blind/stun effect on insects for head shots Tier 2 T2 variants of existing plus new suggestions Tier 3 T3 arrow Bee Stinger + Bee Fuzz Has a hint of Bee venom still, has a stun value, is increased when fired from the cross bow Crossbow Would love to see it upgraded to crossbow+ and have it used as a basic harpoon gun for firing arrow underwater.
  7. I'd love to see a mantis or so added as a roaming mini boss and have mantis claws used as a t3 broadsword, would also give a reason to add a perk for swords and there's nothing to really help the mosquito sword atm, the life steal is to low on hard and the damage is almost none existent, it mounts my wall only cause burgle asked me to craft one, a sword designed to hit hard would be cool. As for lvl 2 poison arrows and things that would be great I love playing a ranger at times running around hitting things with mint/demon gets boring, but with how if you get a vantage point the creatures retreat out of range after a single shot there's no reason to play a ranger in a solo game stronger arrows and better poisons would be so much better. This game has a long way to go, but I look forward to every step of the way
  8. I know but killing ants used to increase the spawn rate as they replaced missing ants as I said I know where to find them they just don't spawn like they used to
  9. Yea I can kill every ant I come across and be lucky to find one egg something needs to be fixed
  10. So I play solo and get most of the new content done fast, what's left to do? Farm resources and make my base look nice... the introduction of ladders was great, the addition of horizontal half walls perfect. However what about vertical half walls to help design shelves or to off set doors, or half fences so you can have only the top of the ladder open. Stuffed spiders would also be nice, a mounted broodmother head, or even a stuffed broodmother. The list goes on. More advanced doors like palisade or draw bridge would work great with the new bricks and the draw bridge could double as a way to bridge gaps to make water bases a bit safer from bugs.
  11. Seeing as the save file is saved to a server can't the game just register the save ID to all players on it? That way anyone who has played on it has access just give the original host control over who can access it same as a minecraft realm
  12. Feathers drop fairly regularly on my game and I always find fireflies at the water near the bee hive, just got to clear the area of mossies first
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